Day Trip Ideas That Will Keep The Whole Family Entertained

As we start preparing for summer, it is time to start thinking about day trip ideas that you can do with the whole family. Day trips give you the chance to spend quality time with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime. When deciding on where to go, it is important to plan trips that everyone will enjoy, so now is the time to do your research and find days out that will keep everyone entertained. If you want to start planning now, then follow along for our guide of day trips that could be great for your family.

Zoo And Aquariums

Zoos and aquariums are a great option for a day trip, particularly in the summer. If you plan it around the weather, you can spend a whole day in the sunshine while having a look at the zoo animals. Zoos and aquariums are perfect day trips if you have any animal lovers in the family as they give you the opportunity to be up close with some amazing creatures. A lot of zoos and aquariums will put on education displays with the animals too, so you can all learn something new. Additionally, they can be relatively cheap as you can pack your own lunch, which will save you a huge amount as you don’t have to buy on-site lunch. This article gives a great breakdown of some of the best zoos and aquariums to visit in the UK.


London could be a great day trip for your family as there are so many exciting activities to choose from. Make sure you do your research beforehand, though, as London is a big and busy city, so you need to have a plan set out before you start exploring. There are so many great places to get food around London, or, alternatively, you could take a packed lunch and have a picnic in one of London’s famous parks. Another fun activity you could do in London is the Tomb Raider: The Live Experience, a two-hour escape room style adventure where you have to solve puzzles and clues. The escape room is family-friendly but bear in mind that everyone needs to be over the age of 12, and under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Seaside Towns

Visiting the seaside is a quintessentially British day trip idea, and we are lucky to be blessed with so many wonderful seaside towns. A day trip to the seaside could be the perfect day out for your family this summer. Unfortunately, the British summer is very unpredictable so you must make sure you are prepared for the weather to turn. When looking for a seaside town to visit, choose one that has a good selection of cafes and restaurants, so you have a place to retreat to should the weather turn bad. Checking the weather beforehand is always a good idea, but you don’t want to be caught out by some unexpected rain. If you need some help on places to go, have a read of this article to find the perfect seaside town for you and your family.




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