Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

Now the first thing to say is that for most of us the next line in that famous festive song “Just like the ones we used to know” does not make any sense.

Was every Christmas of our childhood a white one or is that a myth?

You now enter the tricky world of how different people define a White  Christmas differently some saying one snowflake is enough, some saying the Met Office is relevant and some wanting a proper covering on the ground.

I remember a lovely White Christmas in London with my brother walking in the parks on a crisp and sunny Christmas Day. Apparently, snow is far more common in January and February than December.

Do we like a White Christmas because we think Santa Claus comes from a snowy place such as Lapland?

Just like many aspects of Christmas, it is wise not to look for perfection or expect too much. Great Christmases can be had whatever the weather.

If you really want to guarantee a White Christmas, it may be a question of how deep your pockets are as the better-off can pay for a White Christmas by paying to go on holidays to Lapland or perhaps skiing.

I don’t like the cold so have not done either yet but as with many things in life, perhaps I should try something new to add some sparkle to middle-age.

I might be convinced by a friend who told me today that she is not particularly sporty but enjoys skiing holidays all the same largely for the après-ski, the great views and mulled win in plentiful supply.

I think I might be like her when I take skiing lessons and not entirely a natural. However, the idea of being surrounded by eager and attractive instructors keen to move me on from beginner status just might appeal after all.

So what are our chances of snow this year and are you dreaming of a White Christmas?


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