Easter Sunday reflections

It is Easter Sunday and I am having a little wobble so thought I would blog as sometimes that helps. My family overseas have not contacted me which hurts a bit (lot!) on such a special day. So methinks I am just going to have to focus on self-love if that is what is available right now. I am determined not to sink into a depression so let’s consider some positives from my week.

Easter Sunday is a special day for me because it is the day that my adoptive mum felt she must go to the Catholic Children’s Home to ask about adoption. My Dad did not think they would be open but agreed to take her. As it turns out there was a baby girl who was just right for them even if I probably brought them quite a few challenges along the way too. I am spending Coronavirus time with my brother speaking of our late parents often. Just like my parents, my brother is a great storyteller regaling me with so many tales from his childhood,  family holidays and his life in the theatre. He should write a book. So should I!

I am also with my oldest son and yesterday we had fun watching a programme about the Vikings that we both enjoy even if it is a little gory in places. We walk most days and yesterday we had a really good talk about the future for all of us. This week we found out my son’s coursework to date will decide his result so he is all set to choose between various offers of university places. In many ways it feels like everything is changing and at a pace I cannot quite handle but of course children will grow and make their own way in the world.  I know this has to happen and think it is great but as so often my feelings take a while to catch up with my thoughts.

I have had positive contact with wider family members and of course so many lovely blogger and online friends. Where would we be without them?

My daughter overseas had her 16th birthday without me there. She seemed happy enough with her cake, cuddly toy and balloons. Odd to think when the next child birthday comes around, he will be at university. As I have mentioned life is going too fast for my little brain right now. It feels like everything I counted on is changing. It does seem most unfair that the menopause hits just when everything else really is making it the change of life.

I have signed up to a course because I know how important it is to keep myself distracted when anxious thoughts hit. It is an expensive one that is free of charge at the moment.

I am sleeping so well. I usually head to bed around 10pm and then watch my own stuff including the wonderful Emma Kenny Live Clinic’s before reading a book and snuggling down.

Food here is wonderful and I am going to start cooking up a storm myself as it seems unfair to leave it all to my brother.

My brother has given me his old smartphone. The sim card that arrived had a fault so we have just ordered another one. That should ease contact with any family members who do want to stay in touch.

This is not the most positive post I have ever written but it has helped to blog it out. Today someone described me as a beacon of hope and has offered some help which I am minded to take up.

What are your positives this week?



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Musings Of A Tired Mummy

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    • OneCluelessMum

      What an anniversary! Considering you were feeling quite low, you certainly managed to touch on some lovely positives. I do hope the blogpost did the trick.
      Its great your spending this time with your brother and son. I can’t imagine being on my own during lockdown. Hoping your feeling better following this post.

  • Barbara Harper

    How nice that Easter came on such an anniversary this year! You came up with a great list of positives. We were sad that our oldest son had to cancel his trip here and we couldn’t get together with our local son and d-i-l and grandson for Easter. But we all Face Timed Saturday and my d-i-l sent us a video from our grandson opening our Easter basket, so that was nice. #globalblogging

  • Lydia C. Lee

    How lovely to be a beacon of hope. I would hang onto that feeling and title!
    Just touching on your first comment – your family didn’t contact you, but you didn’t contact them. Maybe they are sitting there feeling hurt by you? If you didn’t contact them, you can’t be hurt by them doing the same inaction as you.

  • loopyloulaura

    Hoping and wishing you plenty of positives! Enjoy your reminiscences and focus on the family that go the extra mile to show their love. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  • loopyloulaura

    You say this isn’t an overly positive post but I think it is. The love radiates from your words and you are connected with other family and friends who value you. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  • Tracey Carr

    I admire you Kate because you always strive to extract the positives from each situation so even when you are feeling a bit down you will try to find the good and you succeed as your blog post has demonstrated. I’m glad writing helps. I often feel the same way, it helps me clear my head and re-arrange my thoughts. I hope you had a lovely Easter and are continuing to find the positives during this strained and unusual time x #globalblogging

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