Freshen Up Your Bathroom Walls With These 7 Décor Ideas

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Is it time you gave your bathroom walls a makeover? Freshening up your bathroom decor could have a significant impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. Below are just a few decoration ideas to consider.

Try out some new tiles

If your current bathroom tiles are worn and grubby, you could consider replacing them with new tiles. This could be a chance to experiment with a completely new style of tiles. 

Just which tiles should you use for your bathroom? It’s completely up to you – large ceramic tiles could be easier to install, while mosaic tiles could allow you to play with intricate patterns. In most cases, it’s best to hire a professional tiler to ensure that the tiles are all neat.

Splash out on some panels

Bathroom panels are made of plastic and can serve as an alternative to tiles. There are almost limitless options when it comes to the appearance of panels. They could be a single block colour or they could be designed to mimic the texture of another material such as marble, wood or even ceramic tiles. 

They’re easier to clean than tiles and generally easier to install (in most cases, you can install them yourself). However, they can be a little more expensive in most cases.

Hang up some waterproof wallpaper

Wallpaper in a bathroom might seem like a bad idea. It’s true that most general wallpaper isn’t waterproof, however did you know that you can buy waterproof wallpaper specifically for the bathroom?

Waterproof wallpaper could be a cheap alternative to bathroom panels, allowing you to play around with limitless textures from cracked marble to floral patterns. Wallpaper can be a little fiddly to hang up, but is generally easier than installing tiles. 

Install some mood lighting

Mood lighting could help to make your bathroom a more relaxing space. Using strategically placed LED lights, you can create an ambient glow in your bathroom.

This could include adding blue or purple lights around mirrors or between the wall and ceiling. Alternatively, you could install sconce lights that stick out from the wall. 

Create a photo gallery

A bathroom could be as good a place as any for displaying photographs. Using lots of framed photos, you could create a small gallery on a spare wall. Consider carefully where you put these photos – guests may not like having lots of eyes looking down at them while using the toilet. 

Reflect on your mirror choices

Consider whether your bathroom mirror needs an update. Many of us have a single mirror above the sink, however you could add extra mirrors to help maximize light and serve as extra decoration.

Mirrors come in all different styles – it’s worth finding one that fits your bathroom. In an older bathroom, an ornate oval-shaped framed mirror could be well-suited. In a more modern bathroom, you may want to stick with a square frameless mirror. 

Celebrate your achievements

Celebrities are known for keeping their awards in the bathroom – why not make this a place for displaying your own achievements? 

This could include hanging certificates in frames, hanging medals or even installing a shelf for displaying your trophies. 


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