How to deep clean your office

It’s the time of year when our minds turn to spring cleaning. I am no domestic goddess but have spent the last few days blitzing the house. I have quite enjoyed it making use of the amazing steam cleaner I won in a charity raffle. If you are not lucky enough to have a steam cleaner, you could look to employ professionals like those at this Carpet Cleaning Melbourne company to come and steam clean your carpets, rugs, and upholstery for you! I also invested in a new vacuum cleaner that I managed to get for half price on Amazon. I am a big believer that you have to have the right tools to clean effectively. It is nice to see the results of my hard work. Everything is tidy and the house smells lovely. The pandemic has taught us how important it is to do all we can to try to eliminate viruses and bacteria. That applies not only at home but we need to know how to deep clean your office too.

How to deep clean your office

Health and safety matters in the workplace as in the home. The difference is that there are laws about health and safety when have the public visiting your premises or you employ staff. You should deep clean your office regularly because you don’t want yourself or anyone in your building coming to harm from germs. Watch out for danger zones such as bathrooms, kitchens, light switches, telephones and keyboards. If your employee becomes sick you have a problem in terms of not as much work getting done. If your clients think your office is not clean, they can tell their friends or even take to social media. Cleanliness matters.

Basic tasks

It goes without saying that you should regularly vacuum carpets as they really do attract a lot of dirt. Wipe down kitchen and bathroom surfaces and fixtures. Steam cleaning is great and you can get cleaners that you can use on floors that have a handheld device to do other areas. Make sure you don’t neglect to clean light switches and door handles. Polish your mirrors. Take down curtains for a good wash.

Going deeper

You may think your office is really clean but certain areas regularly get overlooked. Time can see cupboards and surfaces attracting far too much clutter. Those fake plants or flowers are a magnet for grime. Let’s move all your office furniture so you can mop, scrub or vacuum under it. Empty out all cupboards and clean them thoroughly.

Calling in the experts

You have a business to run. Your time is limited. Call in the experts in terms of commercial cleaning companies that know what they are doing. You may not have the energy or the skills to tackle an office deep clean. That’s OK and nothing to be embarrassed about. Sometimes you will need something very niche such as duct cleaning services to ensure your are health and safety compliant.

Benefits of deep cleaning your office

An office deep clean contributes to the good morale of those who use it. It can prevent staff sickness and your own. It can help to give your business a great reputation and even boost sales given time.





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