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Adoption stories from different viewpoints

Adoption stories can help different characters in the adoption process including birth parents, adopted children and adoptive parents. They can help people decide if adoption is for them at all either putting them off something that would not have suited their circumstances or firming their resolve to go ahead. It

Losing a sibling to adoption

What does it feel like losing a sibling to adoption? Last week, I promised to acknowledge National Adoption Week with posts from various perspectives on the issue. I have a few more to share and here is one. It was written last year. Too often, we forget the impact on the

Fostering facts and statistics

What are fostering facts and statistics and might they encourage you to look at fostering as a life option? I was fostered at the age of 11 months and adopted a few months later back in 1970. I am always interested to hear about developments in fostering and adoption. Local Authorities, with

What does modern family life look like?

What does modern family life look like? Is it very different from how it was just a few years ago? Matalan have recently launched a new TV ad, featuring real life families and conducted national research to explore how family life is changing in the modern era. 

Matalan say "the definition

How will shared parental leave work for families?

As April arrives, the question is how will shared parental leave work for families? You may be entitled to Shared Parental Leave (SPL) and Statutory Shared Parental Pay (ShPP) if: your baby is due on or after 5 April 2015 you adopt a child on or after 5 April 2015 Until 4 April 2015

A love story

64 years ago my Mum and Dad got married. They met two years previous to that when my Dad was on home on his last leave from the Royal Navy. Mum had reluctantly agreed to attend a New Year's Eve party with her friend. She recalls trudging across farmer's fields to

Birthday girl

Friday 13th - my original birthday and my birthday today. Says it all you might think. Original birthday - an unwanted baby already destined for children's homes and "farming out" as a school peer once described my adoption. Then lots of lovely birthdays with my adoptive Mum and Dad.  I was with them

How do I mark my adoption day?

43 years ago today, Mum and Dad set out to meet their new daughter.I blogged about our special day here.I still want the day to be special - remember, remember 5th November.  I think at least one of my children thinks we say that purely because it is the anniversary