The Different Uses of Tarot

Did you know that the tarot cards that we know today were just card games? Now you can find numerous tarot card decks, layouts, and texts to guide one into the spiritual and obscure meanings of life, present, past, and future.

Tarot was predicted to have originated back in Italy in the 1440s, played as a game called tarocchi – mainly used as recreational entertainment for nobles. After the game spread to the rest of the European countries, it took a new name and meaning – tarot, a container/tool of sacred wisdom, symbolism, and mysticism.

Today, the tarot has multiple uses and layouts, no one way to read the deck, and you can find a tarot reading nearby almost every corner you turn.

Different uses of tarot:

1) Fortune Telling

Tarot is a tool to help predict information about one’s life – circumstances, internal fears, blockages, choices, relationships, solutions, etc. It is sort of like a palm reading or psychic reading – but with the tarot deck as the source of information.

2) Decision-making

One of the most popular uses for tarot – it helps when the situation is a lot more complex than the “A or B” kind of scenario. One can use a tarot deck as a vehicle to receive the symbolic representation of the highest route to decide.

3) Mirroring

Tarot is a perfect tool to see where you currently stand energetically, physically, emotionally, and so on. In other words, it reflects your state of being – often showing one’s blind spots. Tarot can be used as a mirror when one feels stuck or confused, bringing you back to the present so you can take the right action.

4) Dream Interpretation

Tarot is also used to explore one’s dreams when one’s predictions aren’t enough. In this scenario, tarot helps formulate the bigger picture of a puzzling or invigorating dream.

5) Meditation

Many will guarantee the wonders of meditating with a deck of tarot cards. When one seeks to focus on one specific subject/area of their life that they may be doubting or pondering, the cards are helpful to acquire the wisdom that will propel inspired action. You can ask a question, pull a card, and meditate on the given answer.

Remember this: Tarot will not always give the answer you seek – it will offer suggestions beyond what is perceived by the mind alone for you to explore the meanings in-depth and discover your well of wisdom. Dare to take a chance and explore the common uses of tarot, but also, dare create your own.








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