The strength of women

The strength of women is something that has struck me particularly recently. I have met new women and heard stories that make me realise how silly it is to refer to women as the weaker sex. I am feeling my own strength these days in a way I never have before so perhaps I am more open to seeing the strength in others. Perhaps the universe is sending special messengers to show me the way.

When it is wrong leave

To the woman who told me how she was unhappy in her marriage so she left with her young children. This meant leaving security and living in a caravan for two years as she could not afford rent on a flat. The husband did not pay maintenance. She took what work she could get. She went on to find her true love and is running a successful business whilst grieving for her lost love who died recently.

Insist on what you want

Another woman in in a relatively new relationship. She has never married and is in her late thirties with two young children. She told me how a man has to respect her to get her. She is not going to take bad behaviour because she is looking for the real deal of marriage with a real connection and fidelity. I admire her for expressing this in the articulate way she did and I hope her Prince is just around the corner.

There is life after loss

I met an elderly lady who was visiting her two adult children. She was beautiful and stylish. She had lost her husband but giggled with me how she goes dancing every Sunday because her life is not over. We should listen to our older people more often as they have so much wisdom to impart.

It’s good to support others

We have a woman in difficulties locally. She is gong to lose her mum soon and you can see she feels she is staring into a very scary abyss. She is not necessarily taking  the most sensible steps to deal with this but we all find our own way to navigate challenging times. What I celebrate is how women are rallying around to keep an eye on her, to try and inject a giggle here and there, to hug and to offer what advice they can.

This is quite a reflective and self-indulgent post but I felt it was important to write it. I do hope it helps somebody out there because these strong women are helping me in very different ways and more than they will ever know.

Lessons For Women And Girls From Strong Women


5 thoughts on “The strength of women”

  1. I agree with Helen’s comment above. Women are so very strong but why should we always feel like we have to prove it? Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales. Do come back next week.

  2. I have been trying to get out of a relationship for years and years but I am not lucky to get out just yet but I am not giving up. For the sake of my sanity and my son. This is such a lovely read =)


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