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Menopause symptoms – the terrible truth

On World Menopause Day, let’s celebrate that we mention the M word and are more open about sharing our experiences of what used to be called the change of life. What is the terrible truth about menopause symptoms? The reality is that the menopause varies from one woman to another with some suffering more than most. I am delighted that the lovely Sam has agreed to share her story with us. Let’s continue to tell our truths as women and let’s ensure we always reach out for the support we need.

“My name is Sam and I write my blog StressedMum. I am 52 and a Mum and Nanny and also suffering the dreaded menopause.

The photograph shows who I am. I was ready to go out for an evening with my husband. 2 minutes later I had a hot flush and looked far less glamorous!

Let’s talk menopause symptoms

I am sure if you are reading this you are aware what the menopause is, so I am going to talk about how I have found living with it, from the list above.

Menstrual changes

 I welcomed this at the start, as one or two periods a year I could cope with. Until January this year where I had a constant period for 5 months.  I kept going to see my GP to ask about HRT which they would not give me.  Eventually they took pity on me and referred me to see a Gynaecologist. I will talk about this further down.

Hot flushes

This is one of the  most common menopause symptoms. Hot flushes are a killer, well not literally but if you have never experienced one, you are very lucky. Think about when you are suffering with the heat in the summer and cannot cool down and then multiply it by 10.  There is no warning and it is like your blood is boiling on the inside and you go from one minute feeling ok to the next minute boiling hot even in the middle of winter. These happen day and night.


This is also something I suffer with but at least it is not one of my common symptoms and one I have been able to live with without it causing me too much inconvenience.

Loss of Confidence

 Although I am a confident person, in some areas my confidence has been a bit wobbly. I have no idea why as nothing has changed.  Maybe it is the fact that in reality I am getting older.


 My poor family will agree on this one. I can be a nightmare at times and the worst thing is there is no reason for it, I can never explain why I am so irritable. Then there is the tears I can cry for no reason, my poor husband asks what I am crying at now and I just don’t know, even though I drive myself mad with it.


 These two go hand in hand. I used to be able to sleep from the moment my head hit the pillow right up to when my alarm went off in the morning.  Now I have to get up during the night to go to the bathroom, or having a hot flush.  This then brings on the fatigue the following day.

Problems with memory

 Writing this post is proof of this, I promised Kate I would do this a few days ago and totally forgot. I am forever walking into rooms and forgetting why I am there, or start to do something else.  I have to make lists of things I have to get done during the day so that I do not forget them.

Back to the changes

 As I mentioned I had been to my GP regarding the constant bleeding, who eventually referred me to a Gynaecologist. She gave me some medication to stop the bleeding and in turn I started feeling less ill.  I then had a hysteroscopy and a coil fitted and biopsies were taken.

Whilst waiting for the results, I started to get sharp pains in my right hand side, and my GP referred me for an Ultrasound scan, which I only had yesterday. When I went to get my results with my Gynaecologist (I had already been sent them and googled which is never a good thing), she explained what they had found.  My lining is producing more cells than it should and if left untreated would turn cancerous.  But the coil helps slow things down and prevents this from happening.  We spoke about the pains I was getting which are daily and depending on the results from the ultrasound, I may need another hysteroscopy.  If you ever have to have one please take the strongest painkillers you can before having it.

If you are suffering with the menopause, go to your GP if something is stopping your daily life, keep going back. Do not suffer in silence.”

Are you experiencing the menopause and what is the terrible truth about your menopause symptoms?

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  • Laurie

    What? There is a World Menopause Day? Awesome. Thank you for the information. I think I am pretty much through with menopause by now, but it’s nice to know that other women exhibit some of the same symptoms I did. It’s something we don’t talk about too much.

  • Karen Dennis

    I think I must be lucky, as I haven’t suffered too badly going through the menopause #blogtober19@_karendenbid199@gmail is

  • Barbara Harper

    I had no idea there was a World Menopause Day. Thanks for bringing this subject to light. As you said, it affects every woman a bit differently. For me, the few years leading up to menopause (perimenopause) were the worst (horrible clot-filled periods and resulting anemia). The hardest long-lasting problem for me is waking up in the night and then not being able to get back to sleep for a while, then feeling like a zombie the next day. Also, I had atrial fibrillation and had ablation surgery to fix it. It helped, but I am still having palpitations. Yet they say palpitations are normal for women at my age. So it’s hard to know whether they are due to afib or age. But they’re better than they were pre-surgery.

    • Dionne Mccann

      I can relate I well be 51 in Dec. I asked my doctor was I premenopausal she said yes but my obgyn said no.(really) I just want to no when these&;$@;: night sweets will be over lol. Dionne Mccann

  • Shelley

    I’m (hopefully) a little way off menopause just yet, but I have been dealing with all of the post pregnancy changes to my body. So I feel you! It is mind boggling all the different stages and body changes that woman have to suffer throughout their lives!

  • loopyloulaura

    I have met Sam in real life and she is lovely. I’m so sad to hear she has ben experiencing issues with the menopause. I had constant bleeding due to the contraceptive implant so am sympathetic…Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  • Renee

    I’ve no idea why but I closed my legs whilst reading Sam’s story. It made me feel or funny inside. Having children in my late 30s has meant that my menopause feels too soon. Sending lots of love to Sam for sharing and good luck with her results x

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