Mobile Apps for Growing Children

When you have young children, you’re going to be on the ball with making sure they’re staying in their age range when it comes to media. However, when they’re fast growing (as most of them are!), there’s a lot of changes to be made in this walk of their life! So if you’re not too sure where to start with letting them expand a little more into games designed for older children, this list is here to help. Of course they’re still going to need monitoring, but the tween years are a steady balance between being a parent and allowing a little freedom!

Mobile Apps


For Educational Purposes

One great way to get your kids interested in their school work, or any extra curricular activities, is by downloading a few good apps to their phone. When a kid is presented with a fun and interactive interface when it comes to enjoying a good book after school, they’re going to keep on reading!

It’s also a good way for the both of you to interact over a bit of homework. Kids are always going to need a bit of input from their parents, and often enough there’s not a more helpful way to do so than going through a good book together. You can laugh and joke over what you read, and also make sure proper notes are taken.

For Gaming

Everybody likes to waste a bit of time gaming on their phone, and kids are the ones who like to do it the most! That’s because it’s one of the most entertaining things you can do when you’re stuck in the backseat of a car or at home on the sofa. Yet, if you’re having no success in getting your kids to go outside, you can always boot up something fun on the iPad with them!

Try out the Final Fantasy 15 mobile app, as this is a good strategy game you can devote bags of time to together. It’s minimal in any kind of graphic violence, despite the theme, and is a good way to get the imaginative juices flowing.

For Watching Videos

Common apps such as youtube are the most popular of programs to download to a system, but did you know there’s a kid friendly version? If you’re worried about what your child might watch when they’re on their own with a tablet in front of them, make sure these settings are turned on before you let them loose!

You can also find a lot of creative content online here, and more official sites such as the BBC iPlayer is a good place for your child to access the kids channels that they miss when they’re at school. Let home time be fun time when you’ve got a good balance to it via this!

Using mobile technology is something we all do, and it can get quite addicting. Introduce family fun time via a piece of equipment to make the time more fulfilling, and a little less socially isolating.

Mobile Apps For Growing Children

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