A Love Letter to myself – Best Boot Forward

Dear Kate

You have set others the challenge of writing a love letter to themselves so you should give it a go. After years of not rating or valuing yourself enough/at all, it is time to redress the balance.

So I look at you and I see a good-looking woman who rocks her Irish heritage with beautiful skin and those wild waves in the hair. You have that cute dimple because you like to laugh and be mischievous. You have curves and when the weight falls off quite the hourglass figure although having said that your bum is a sight to behold and should quite possibly have its own Twitter account!

You are super intelligent and analyse things which means people sit up and take notice of what you have to say. You combine that with a really strong work ethic and determination. You are also very creative and very much the ideas person.

You have a wicked sense of humour which people would like to see more of so overcome that introversion and shy nature more often please.

Your values are strong and you have passed these on to your amazing children. These will serve them and the world well in the years ahead.

You have faced many forms of rejection and adversity but you kept on keeping on and now you have had the confidence to create and relish your dream life.

Your bring your humour, passion and creativity to your love life.

Your heart is warm and you really do want to help individuals and the world generally. You have had the sense to balance that with looking after yourself more too.

You are lovely and loveable and it just took you a while to wake up to that.

Keep on being you – you are a one-off and deserve your place in this world.

With love from me to you x



Lucy At Home

5 thoughts on “A Love Letter to myself – Best Boot Forward”

  1. I love this! Women are notorious for always picking the faults within themselves, but if we all took a few moments to write a love letter to ourselves we would all realise that we are beautiful, strong and amazing women!

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