A New Dog: Common Worries

When you get a new puppy it’s only reasonable to have worries and concerns. For all the love and joy they bring, there’s also the weight of responsibility: you are responsible for this creature’s health and happiness.

Today we’re taking a look at some of these worries so you can take the appropriate action and feel like you’re being the best owner possible for your puppy.

Dangerous Foods

There are lots of foods that you’ll need to keep away from your dog. The consequences could be having to clean up frequently and continually asking the question ‘Why does my dog keep being sick?’. They could also be severe health problems for your dog, so it’s well worth looking into how you can make sure your kitchen is safe for dogs.

Fitting latches to your cupboards is a really useful way to keep both your dog and your food safe, as is keeping other foods both out of reach and sealed in boxes your dog can’t access. This means that they won’t be able to get their jaws on unauthorised snacks or any of the foods that can harm dogs!

If you know things like coffee, chocolate and even apples (the pips contain cyanide which your dog’s liver can’t digest quickly enough to save it from serious harm!) then you can put to bed some of your more persistent pet worries.

Can You Leave Your Dog Alone?

One of the many challenges of pet ownership is the attention a dog can demand. Unlike cats, dogs rely on you to feel safe and secure. Leaving a dog alone for long periods – especially when they’re a puppy – can contribute to serious behaviour problems that can distress your dog, and make it harder to care for and enjoy. As a result, managing times when you need to be away from your new pet is one of the most important facets of dog ownership – and one of the things owners worry about the most. Apart from this, dogs and fireworks are not a good match as dogs are afraid of it. You should not leave your dog alone, it might come across such harmful objects.

The best way to deal with this problem and its associated worries is to reflect on it before you get that dog. If you and your family aren’t going to be able to be present to care for it, then it may not be the right time to get a dog!

If there are occasions when you need to be away from your dog unavoidably, you don’t need to worry that you’re a bad pet owner! Pet-sitters and dog walkers can provide company for your dog in the short term, or even board it in their own homes if you’re taking a holiday.

You can also acclimatise your dog to longer periods being left by itself. This is an important part of how they gain maturity, but it takes time, so research how to do it responsibly, and start as early as you can without causing your dog distress and anxiety.

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