Businesses that are thriving during Coronavirus

The global pandemic came as a huge shock to the world. So many individuals and organisations have faced changes at speed that it has proved challenging to cope with. Families have seen loved ones become ill and pass away. Even if our nearest and dearest stayed well we were not allowed to see them all. Going without a hug can be really tough. As for businesses they have had to find new ways of working and some have not found ways to operate at all in lockdown and social distancing. There are always exceptions so here are 3 examples of industries that appear to be doing well in the current climate.

Northern Mat

This business provides heavy duty rig mats which serve as a critical base for pipeline construction, small water crossings, tank farms, oil and gas drilling rigs, and many other industrial applications. They construct durable rig matting that offer easy setup and dependability in order to meet your specific needs.

Northern Mat  have remained fully operational during the pandemic. They have their own track and trace system and have facilitated remote working making use of tools like video conferencing. They have advised staff on hygiene measures and social distancing. They have kept visits to offices and travel to a minimum.


Of course, some companies actually provide products that help with hygiene. One such organisation is It provides a way of labeling medical equipment that maintains the highest levels of hygiene. For example, black annealing has been used since the early 2000s to mark medical equipment including prosthetics  and dental equipment in a a safe way. Coronavirus has emphasised to all of us how important it is to prevent the spread of germs.

Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies

This is another business that seems to be thriving despite the pandemic. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is recognized as setting the industry standard for crossbow hunting technology, engineering, and performances so this is where to go to find the best hunting crossbow. Over the past 25 years that TenPoint has been manufacturing hunting crossbows, include decocking crossbows and they have never failed or been afraid to introduce innovations or enhance their products, thus making some of the best crossbows and decocking crossbows for hunting on the market.  In most cases, the advancements they make originate directly from customer input.  Since 1994, they have secured 95 design patents with more pending or being filed!

Advice for businesses during the pandemic

There is no doubt the global pandemic brings challenges to business. Companies are well advised to do all they can to develop customer loyalty perhaps by showing a good community spirit locally  and online. It is true that the businesses that will do well in a crisis are those that develop something akin to the war spirit and keep on keeping on. Creativity is key too and so many organisations have changed the way they do business to ensure they can stay in business in these challenging times.

Do you have any interesting stories of how you have kept business alive during the pandemic?

Are you supporting business during Coronavirus?






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