How To Spot Bedbugs And Get Rid Of Them

How to spot bedbugs and get rid of them

Bedbugs are awful creatures and they are slowly becoming a menace in different parts of America. The lifespan of a bedbug is more than other pests. They can survive up to a year in the winter because of slow metabolism. You would think that you’ve got rid of these pests but they’d come back in the warmer months, creating the illusion of a recurrent infestation. Here is how to spot bedbugs and get rid of them.

  1. Brown and red spots on the bed sheets – how to spot bedbugs and get rid of them

If you have been infested by bed bugs you’d find small red and brown spots on your bed sheets in the morning. They make their colonies close to their food sources. It’s a myth that they only make their way to beds. They can be anywhere, even in your sofa. They don’t only bite at night and look for food any time of the day. The good news is that they never live on the human body because they can’t handle the heat.

  1. Itchy bite marks

Bedbugs aren’t known to spread diseases in humans. However, they are known to carry pathogens. Their bites are particularly itchy and uncomfortable. Since the bite is different from other insects, you can easily recognize the bite of a bed bug.

  1. Bite marks in clusters

Another indication of bedbug bites is that they don’t have a single bite. They bite in clusters, often in zigzag patterns or a straight line. No other insect bites in clusters.

  1. Bug exoskeletons

When a bug matures in the next stage, they shed their exoskeleton. If you find small translucent oval, thin husks around your house, you know that you may have a potential bedbug infestation.

How to get rid of them?

If you nip the problem in the bud, you won’t have a problem with a full-blown infestation. As soon as you find that you have bedbug immediately take the necessary steps. Spray insecticides. Take an unused credit card and nudge cracks along the walls and furniture. Bedbugs lay their eggs in cracks and cement them in. Probing with a credit card will help you to find these.

But if you’ve had the problem with bedbugs for a while now you must have someone inspect them because it is possible that they are hiding in a place you haven’t found yet. A trained professional would know how to track them and get rid of them more effectively. Sometimes extermination companies even have a guarantee and cover you for 6 months to a year after they’ve finished.

Here are a few techniques that drive bedbugs out of your house

  1. Heat treatment

Bedbugs are weak against extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, they thrive in room temperature and American homes maintain room temperature throughout the year. This means that if you have bedbugs they’ll suck your blood throughout the year.

If you’ve just come back from a trip, soak your clothes in boiling water to kill these pests. Inspect every fold of your baggage for them. If it’s your room that’s infected, raise the temperature of the room. Wrap your belongings in plastic and soak them in boiling water. Of course, only soak the things that won’t get spoiled.

  1. Pesticides

Spray pesticides in the infected areas and close the room so they don’t travel to other rooms. If you’re not sure which rooms are infected, spray one room at a time. Don’t go in the room for at least 4 hours after spraying. These pesticides, though not as potent as professional pesticides, can still cause you harm.

  1. Reduce clutter

Keep your house open and well aired. Don’t give the bedbugs more places to hide. Reduce clutter at home. Put away your things and give away the things you don’t need.

  1. Fill cracks

Look out for cracks in your furniture and fill them in. Inspect the walls near the places you sit and sleep and fill in any cracks there too. Bedbugs like to stay near their food sources. Your living room and bedroom are the most favorable for these pests, so inspect them with extra vigor.

  1. Vacuum your house

Vacuum your house regularly, especially upholstery and curtains. Even if you have the possibility of a bedbug infestation, keeping your house clear of dust and mites may help to get rid of these too. It’s not that bedbugs prefer only dusty places, but there are more places to hide. Vacuuming regularly disturbs their hiding places and drives them out.

Improved hygiene standards after the Second World War had got rid of these bedbugs and Americans were spared the hassle of dealing with them for almost half a century. But in the last decade, pest control operators have been rushed off their feet with an increase in the number of complaints. Prevention is better than cure! Bedbug proof your house.

Did you know how to spot bedbugs and get rid of them?


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