You neglect the benefits of car servicing at your peril. My dad always insisted on regular services and his cars always served him well for many years. Unlike an MOT you are not legally obliged to have a service so in challenging financial times, it can be tempting to skip regular services.. Do not cut corners and for brakes replacement in Basildon, visit Jet Wheel Tyre for a quotation.

How often should I have a service?

My Dad had services every 6 months. Others suggest once a year or every 10 000 miles is about right. In a busy world, ensure you diarise and plan for regular services. This should mean your car makes the best use of the fuel you put in it and your risk of breakdown is less. Should you decide to sell your car, potential buyers will be reassured by evidence of regular servicing.

Is an MOT as good as a service?

It is vital to note that although an MOT is compulsory, it is only a very basic check on your car. Services are essential too as they look at wear and tear on the vehicle, ensure your fluids are at the correct levels and show what repairs are needed for your car to perform at its best.

Is it worth the money to get your car serviced?

I would argue that not getting your car serviced is false economy. Services point out things that need sorting out and usually repairs are cheaper the earlier a problem presents itself. Problems with one part of the car can lead to problems with other parts of the car if left unrepaired leading to huge repair costs and perhaps when you can least afford them. Remember that cars that are well-maintained use fuel more efficiently too.

You don’t want to breakdown

A car breaking down is always stressful. You may need to be somewhere on a certain date or at a specific time. Breakdowns mean these appointments are missed with potentially devastating results. If you have your family members with you particularly children and elderly relatives a car breakdown is a nightmare. It’s not fun being stuck at the side of the road.

Responsible car ownership includes brakes maintenance

If you have stamps in your log book, this is great evidence that you are a responsible car owner. This is what you should be aiming for anyway as a unserviced car is a potential killer. Also, when you sell your car a potential buyer will pay more for a vehicle that is properly maintained, Do remember that your car’s braking system is arguably the most important safety item. This means you should never neglect your brakes and potential owners will want to see evidence that you have looked after your brakes as well as other aspects of the car.

How often do you get your car serviced?









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How to manage your debts may be an issue that is causing you sleepless nights. Even worse when you wake up the postman may bring unwelcome letters demanding money that you cannot afford. You will feel anxious and that emotional pain will ripple out to your other family members.  The good news is that you can learn how to manage your debts effectively. There is debt management help and advice you can tap into.

How To Manage Debt

Acknowledge the extent of the problem

Too many people who are struggling financially put their heads in the sand. Nothing will change unless you take action. Do not look at just the debt where the creditor is pushing you for money hardest. Acknowledge and record the full extent of your debts of whatever type. Write down the amounts you owe, the interest rates if any and the contact details for the creditors.

Work out your priority debts

When working out how to manage debt, you need to work out which debts are priority and which are non-priority. The way to do this is to find out the sanctions different creditors have available to them. For example, if you do not pay your rent or mortgage, you may end up losing your home making this a priority debt in most cases. Non priority debts are things like overdrafts, personal loans and credit card bills. Usually, if you contact your creditor, arrangements can be made to pay these off at an affordable rate over time.

Come up with a budget

Do you know how much you are spending and on what items of expenditure? If you don’t you cannot come up with a workable budget. So take some quiet time to list all the things you spend money on weekly or monthly. Include essential items such as housing costs, fuel costs, water bills, food and clothing. Be aware that you may need to curtail spending on socialising, cigarettes and other non-essential items. You can return to these when your debts are under control. Think about all the stress that will be relieved when you know you have a debt management plan in place.

Decide between self-help and seeking support

It is possible to help yourself when working out how to manage your debts. However, most people do not sort out their debt issues straightaway so tension has built up. You may feel better handing over your case to a professional money adviser.

Solutions to debt issues

There are a wide range of solutions to debt issues depending on your individual or family circumstances and the types of debt you have. Most people manage to come to an agreement with creditors where they are paying back but over a longer period than originally agreed. Other possibilities include debt relief orders, individual voluntary arrangements and bankruptcy.

It’s also important to note that things can and do get better. Keep the faith and seek support when you need it.

How To Manage Your Debts Effectively

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Are you looking for the perfect faux leather skirt? I think I may have the answer for you on this one. I have wanted either a leather skirt or a pair of trousers for decades but never quite had the courage to just go for it. Of course, nowadays we know faux leather can look just as good. With a milestone birthday coming up, I thought it was high time I found the perfect faux leather skirt.Perfect Faux Leather Skirt


Mine came from Elvi which was a brand I was unfamiliar with. I looked at their Autumn range. I was a little disappointed that a lot of the range was quite dark but the perfect faux leather skirt came in a lovely deep brown which appealed to me. It is asymmetric at the bottom and has a flattering frill detail too. I was not sure about the belt at first but it is great as you can wear it tight or looser perhaps on  those days where you are heading out for a dinner date.

The things I loved most about the skirt is that it did not make me look huge in the tummy area. I still carry a large mummy tummy but as if by magic this skirt made me look quite slim. The skirt is straight and figure-hugging but that just made me look curvaceous and there is nothing wrong with that! The length was about knee-length so not too short and not too long.

My husband almost never comments positively on what I wear. You can see this as a complete lack of interest or the fact he loves me whatever I wear. I veer between the two but it is nice to get a compliment. He loves this skirt which means when I wear it to go out in he says something lovely and we get off to a great start. I have also had compliments from a few people about how I look in the skirt ranging from “very chic” to “super sexy” and of course those give the go a boost.

I have tried it with various tops including a cream cashmere sweater, a pink top and a floral rust top. It is a good basic that you can jazz up in  different ways.

Elvi have a really exciting new range right now so pop on over and treat yourself.





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Redecorating your bedroom is a lot of fun, but that doesn’t mean you want to do it all the time. It can be expensive to put up new wallpaper or buy new furniture because what you had before is no longer up to scratch. Putting together a durable bedroom setup will help you create a beautiful bedroom that stays looking lovely for longer. If you want your room to hold a timeless look for years to come, you need to make the right furniture and decoration choices to keep it smart. Not to mention taking care of the basics like clean windows, carpet shampooing and keeping your bedroom plants fresh.” and keeping your bedroom plants fresh.

Take a look at these tips for a more durable bedroom.


Image from Pixabay

Get Solid Bedroom Furniture

Options like IKEA are good for affordable and stylish furniture. But how long will the things you buy from them really last? They might survive a few years, but you could end up needing to replace things sooner than you had hoped. If you really want bedroom furniture that stands the test of time, you should be prepared to spend a bit more on some solid, well-made furniture. Say no to MDF and plasterboard, and invest in solid, durable materials that you can rely on. If you want to save money, try looking for secondhand items.

Invest in a Decent Mattress

Your mattress is one of the most important things in your bedroom. If it’s not right, you won’t sleep well. Some mattresses might start off comfortable, but could soon start to feel lumpy. Investing in a decent mattress that will keep its shape and last for years is worth the cost. Take a look at the warranty that comes with a mattress before buying, the best mattresses will often have a mixture of good and bad reviews too so do your research.


Image from Pixabay

Use Outdoor Fabrics

A slightly more unusual way to make your bedroom more durable is to use outdoor fabrics in your interiors. Outdoor fabrics are designed to stand up to anything, so they can be tough and sometimes easier to clean too. You can find heavier fabrics that are great for upholstering, but that you could also use for curtains, accessories like pillows, or even rugs. Choosing these durable materials will help your bedroom to stay looking pristine for longer, and you won’t have to redecorate when fabrics start to get worn out in just a couple of years.

Make Your Bedroom Easy to Clean

If your bedroom is easy to clean, you can prevent wear and tear more easily. There are a few things you might do to create a bedroom that doesn’t make cleaning too difficult. Choosing a minimal style will mean you have less to clean and dust, saving you a lot of time and hassle. Rugs are easier to clean than full carpets, and it can be more sensible to have a headboard you can easily wipe, rather than an upholstered one.

Create a durable bedroom that will stand the test of time, and you can benefit from a bedroom you love for longer.

Looking after elderly relatives in your own home is something more of us will be doing as we have an ageing population. As many families struggle with financial pressures, often it makes sense to pool resources and live in a multi-generation household. Whether due to frailty, loneliness or bereavement, many older people would love to live with their loved ones. My advice would be to think about the emotional and practical implications before making life-changing decisions. Honest communication is key along with practical stuff such as deciding if you need to install a stairlift in your home and working out which welfare benefits may be available to your family.

Looking After

Role reversal

There are certain times when it really hits us that we are actually adults. When your parents need you to care for them, you start to realise that you will be doing some of the very things they did for you when you were growing up. Tasks might range from offering a listening ear to more intensive care such as helping with dressing, toileting and personal hygiene. You may have to accompany your parent to medical appointments and ensure they take their medication at the right time.

Juggling it all

The very time when your parent needs to live with you often comes whilst you are bringing up your children and also trying to make a living. It can be a very stressful time and it is vital you recognise yourself as a carer and seek support. You may feel isolated but there are lots of people out there who can help from your local authority to a wide range of charities. It is a sign of strength to say that you need help and to seek it. Only by looking after yourself well can you care effectively for those around you so never think it is selfish to say you need support too.

My experience

When my mother died, I knew I wanted my father to come to live with me. He was adamant that whilst he liked the idea he would need his own personal space. It took me a year to find the perfect accommodation with an annexe attached to the house. We had some amazing years of memories together before he passed away. He had such quality time with his grandchildren treating them, reading to them and laughing with them. In turn, they learned so much from him and treasure their memories of him. I supported Dad as his needs became greater and he was lovely to have around for me too. We had fun trips out together with a regular Tuesday lunch date and also fish and chips on Fridays. He shared stories that he had not told me when my mum was alive. It was a very precious time for all of us.

Things that can help

You can meet other carers in person or online. You can ask your local authority for the assessment of your elderly relative’s care needs and also your support needs. You may be able to claim welfare benefits or to apply for grants. Depending on the individual, your relative may need special equipment which might be anything from mobility aids through to a specially adapted vehicle. Ensure you look into things like Meals on Wheels and laundry collection services that just might make life a little simpler for you all.

I would recommend looking after elderly relatives in your own home wholeheartedly so long as you have the right support in place. Of course, individual circumstances differ but with a little goodwill and imagination, it is possible to live together and thrive in a multi-generation household.


Looking After Elderly Relatives In Your Own Home

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