CBD Oil and Driving: A Good Idea or a Recipe for Disaster?

Since CBD oil and other products containing marijuana or a derivative of the drug have hit the market places legally, the issue of driving impaired is a topic of concern around the world. Many individuals use CBD hemp oils for daily wellness. Some, but not all products can cause impaired response time as well as drowsiness.

The main issue with impaired driving is the response time. The time a person’s eyes are off the road, whether they are closed or looking elsewhere, it is dangerous.

Compared to Smoking

Most of the few studies have dealt with ingesting CBD such as chocolate cannabis or gummies. As edibles have become the most popular way to consume CBD. Naturally, there are still individuals that smoke their weed the traditional way, or with a vape pen, which is newer. Those who enjoy smoking marijuana are the individuals that have the full strength of the drug, not the ones without the THC.

The edibles are refined to be effective at helping an individual with anxiety, depression, pain, and a host of other ailments, without getting them stoned. The lack of psychotropic ingredients is the main reason some of the researchers believe that taking CBD is safe for drivers.

Researchers Have Different Opinions

Unfortunately, there is limited research and data regarding driving while high or under the influence of marijuana. There are a few studies, but they were not scientifically conducted or controlled and therefore are subject to interpretation. One study gave participants a small amount of Cannabidiol  (CBD) without the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical that causes the “high” feeling, while another group was given the full-strength marijuana.

The results vary from each study, although researchers did conclude that taking the CBD without the THC had little to no effect on an individual’s driving. Again, these were not regulated or managed scientific studies, so there is no conclusive evidence one way or another.

Drowsy Driving

One of the most dangerous issues facing drivers is the lack of adequate sleep, causing drowsy driving. Sleep deprivation is one of the most common causes of drowsy driving accidents. With the state of the world with the pandemic and the economy everywhere, not as stable as years past, many people feel as if they can’t catch a break. The stress and worry keep them awake at night, and they still get up and drive to work the next day.

What is Agreed?

Besides the fact that more investigation needs to be done, researchers agree that driving impaired, no matter what the cause of the impairment, should not be done. Of course, like driving while drunk or under the influence of a few drinks, one cannot determine their ability to operate a motor vehicle while impaired. Unlike alcohol, there is no test you can administer to yourself, or that the police can give you, to tell if you are able to drive or not after consuming CBD products.

It should be a universal truth that when a person is behind the wheel of a car, they take care to be as alert and careful as possible. Of course, life doesn’t always allow for alertness when many people are working two jobs and stressed beyond the limit.




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