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Everything I Know About Love Book Review

Parties, dates, friends, jobs and life in general – what does it have in common? It all roots in connections and love. Everything I Know About Love is a bestselling memoir by Dolly Alderton exploring the many sides of love, from romantic partners to friends, family members and last but not least selflove. Diving into the life of a UK-based girl growing into an independent – yet human and flawed – woman, this is a book you’ll enjoy over and over.

Love all over

As cliché as it might sound, love is at the root of everything. And in this book, that is particilarly true. While we follow stories of growing up, chatting on MSN and attending parties, going on bad dates and making close friends, it is all about love connections. As we see Dolly grow from a young girl to an adult woman, we find how her actions and adventures all stem from love – or the lack thereof.

The memoir covers a somewhat ordinary life, filled with ordinary connections and drama, sprinkled with some more extreme events. While the overall topic is love, the book touches on topics such as body image, work, female friendships, extreme partying, therapy, burnout, and death. Some chapters are short and sweet, some are hilarious, and others are sad. This results in a book where you never know what the next page will unfold, but you can’t wait to find out.

What can you expect from this book?

While it is a memoir covering the life of Dolly – and her close relations – up until 30, it is not a straight-forward storyline. Each chapter is its unique story, normally not much connected to prior chapters. This means that while there is an overall story to be told, the chapters almost work as independent, short stories. The length also varies, from 1-page notes or recipes to in-depth memories of specific life events. 

While I would recommend reading it cover to cover, it is possible to pick out some chapters to read independently (at least the second time around).

More on Dolly Alderton

Dolly is a half-Canadian, British writer. She started out working in television before pursuing a career as a freelance writer. After having a dating column in The Sunday Times for a long time, she published her autobiography in 2018. The book won the 2018 National Book Award for autobiography and was republished in 2019 with an additional chapter. Today, Dolly is also a podcaster and author of fiction.

In Summary

Everything I Know About Love is a heartwarming, inspiring, funny and sometimes difficult book to read. Mixing short stories, emails and drunken recipes in a perfect blend, the book is full of highs and lows. It is a book you can gift your best friend, sister, mother, or boyfriend alike. Dive into the chaotic yet loving universe of Dolly Alderton and learn how love really is everything – no matter if it is the romantic kind or not.

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