How to Create the Balcony Garden of Your Dreams

The Affordable Way to Transform Your Balcony Into a Garden


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Just because summer is almost over doesn’t mean that outdoor fun is over for the year—here in Florida, we’re just getting started. With many seeds, houseplants, and flowers on clearance, this is the perfect time to start getting into horticulture and creating your very own balcony garden. In this blog post, we’ll show you the most affordable ways to up your outdoor aesthetics and turn your balcony into the oasis of your dreams.

Grown Your Favorite Foods Right Outside Your Door

Ditch the Grocery Store With a Balcony Garden

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Produce is expensive—with prices adding up quickly due to their short freshness period, it’s essential to save money where possible. Whether you live on a farm or in the inner city, though, there’s a way for everyone to grow their own herbs and vegetables. With a vertical vegetable garden, you can skip the grocery store and receive fresher, better-tasting produce in the process. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also create a natural, beautiful section of your balcony garden with one of these containers.

Save Space and Create Privacy From Neighbors

Create a Vibrant Outdoor Space No Matter the Size


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Our favorite thing about balconies is that no matter how big or small the space, there’s a way to transform each and every one with crispy, fresh greenery. One of the most popular compact transformations is a wall garden—this fixture secures onto the wall and is home to houseplants, flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Due to its nature, it conserves a large amount of space, allowing you to add additional decorations or furniture onto your balcony. Not only are you able to create a lush wall, but when placed correctly, it can create privacy from the eyes of neighbors, too.

Support Florida Native Pollinators With Your Balcony Garden

Facilitate a Healthier Ecosystem While Decorating


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As the backbone of our ecosystem, it’s our duty to help support local pollinators. Florida is home to a wide variety of different species, with some of their favorite flowers including marigold, lavender, and even coral honeysuckle. If you’d prefer to keep these insects at arm’s length away, we recommend incorporating these flowers into your outdoor space by attaching hanging baskets to the balcony railing. This keeps pollinators in a short range of the flowers while you’re able to support them from afar.

Save Money by Bringing Your Houseplants Outside

Create a Green Sanctuary at No Extra Cost


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With vacations and other fun summer activities, sometimes spending money on new plants isn’t always realistic. If you don’t have a budget, it’s not a problem—simply bring your houseplants outdoors and let the railing support them. Depending on the temperature and amount of sunlight your balcony gets, many indoor plants will thrive in your new outdoor space. By carefully observing your balcony’s conditions and researching your houseplant’s needs, you’ll be able to transform your space completely free of charge.

No matter the budget or space restrictions, everyone can spruce up their outdoor areas with something as simple as a few plants. From a full-blown balcony garden to a few containers of herbs, even the smallest of outdoor spaces can become a green oasis. Ready to start planning the balcony of your dreams? Visit your local plant store or nursery today to begin your journey into compact gardening.

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