Life's Milestones and Insurance
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Life’s milestones and insurance

Our lives are made up of many minutes most of which just pass by without us even taking notice. That’s a mistake of course which comes home to roost when someone close to us becomes terminally ill or dies. There are also the key moments or milestones that always capture our attention. Interestingly these are often the very times when we should consider insurance cover from a company like Pure Cover to ensure we have great protection in place. Read up on life’s milestones and insurance cover.

Life’s milestones and insurance


New home

When we buy or rent a home, we need to ensure it is protected as things can and do go wrong. As a debt counsellor, I was always shocked how people on very low incomes did not invest in contents insurance. When things went wrong, they were  left without essential items and without the means to replace them.


I did not take out wedding insurance and thankfully my Big  Day went without a hitch. However if you are making a big financial investment in your wedding, it is worth checking out whether wedding insurance would be a beneficial option for you.


We want  to ensure our children are kept safe and looked after well. Sometimes life will throw curveballs our way. I remember really struggling financially on many occasions as myself and my husband worked in the charity sector. This tends to mean poorly-funded short-term contracts so redundancies came out way thick and fast. I experienced depression which stopped me working for a while. It is important as a parent to check out insurances such as income protection for times when the proverbial hits the fan.


I have always taken out pet insurance and I am so pleased. There was the infamous occasion where my just toddling son threw our puppy down the stairs. He did not realise what he was doing and the noise the pup made on landing was horrendous and  haunts me still. His back leg was broken and the vet bills ran into thousands but was fortunately covered by insurance.

Other important insurances

It is good to take time to check out your insurance requirements. I can save so much hassle in the long run so please do check out travel, health and  funeral insurance plans too.

Avoid the horror stories that not taking out insurance can bring and check out some policies today. Check out an infographic which guides you through life’s journey one insurance step at a time.

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