Keeping Intestinal Problems at Bay: 5 Home Remedies for Your Dog’s Diarrhea

Pet owners provide their dogs with proper nutrition and adequate supplies of water to keep them healthy. Unfortunately, dogs, just like humans, can experience sudden diarrhea for a multitude of reasons. The cause could be the dog’s food or an underlying illness. Pet owners review five home remedies for their dog’s diarrhea and treat their fur babies at home.

  1. Probiotics and Vitamins

Healthy bacteria improves the digestive system, and dietary supplements and vitamins eliminate diarrhea. Pet owners can give the probiotics to their pets every day before the dog eats. It can slow down diarrhea and regulate the pet’s digestive system. Vitamins improve the immune system, and they help dogs fight the infection that is causing diarrhea. They give their pets the vitamins and dietary supplements according to the packaging instructions. Pet owners can get help from Pet Parents if they need more info about diarrhea treatments.

  1. Let Them Drink Rice Water

Pet owners prepare rice water by boiling white rice. Draw the broth off the rice after it has finished cooking. As the pet drinks the rice water, the carbohydrates provide necessary starches. This can slow down diarrhea and prevent the dog from having more potty-related accidents. The pet owner may need to feed the rice water to their dog at least once a day until the pet’s symptoms improve.

  1. Feeding Them Pure Pumpkin

Pure pumpkin has necessary dietary fiber that dogs need. Soluble fiber bulks up the stools and eases diarrhea. However, the dog will need to drink plenty of water if they eat the pumpkin. Ingesting fiber requires the colon to stay hydrated so the dog can pass the bulkier stools. If the dog doesn’t drink enough water, they could become constipated or develop an intestinal blockage. The pet owner shouldn’t give the dog pumpkin pie filling, as this is not the same as pure pumpkin and increases sugar intake unnecessarily.

  1. Give Them Bland Foods

Bland foods do not have any seasoning and are a better choice for a dog that has diarrhea. Rice and unseasoned chicken are beneficial for the dog and give them the right balance of protein and carbohydrates. Without seasoning, the food won’t irritate the intestinal tract or cause vomiting. Dogs tolerate the food more effectively if the pet owner allows the dog to fast before feeding them. Combining proteins and carbohydrates gives the dog balanced nutrition and helps them absorb minerals from the food after diarrhea ceases. If you’re looking for such dog foods that contain a healthy balance of proteins and carbohydrates, then be sure to look into the likes of these Nutra Complete reviews and similar reviews of other dog foods on the market.

  1. Fasting for 24-Hours

Fasting for 12 to 24-hours helps the dog pass the remaining waste products from their bowels. After about six hours, the pet owner can start giving the pet water and review how well the pet tolerates it. If the diarrhea has stopped, the pet owner should give their dog broth and test their tolerance. Fasting gives the dog a break from diarrhea and doesn’t drain them physically. If the dog continues to tolerate the broth after 12 hours or more, the pet owner can give the pet their normal dog food and water.

Pet owners examine home remedies to improve their dog’s health and ensure proper nutrition. Dietary supplements and vitamins help with immune health and lower the frequency of digestive upsets. Probiotics improve the digestive system and offer balance. Certain foods such as pumpkin provide adequate fiber and keep stools bulky. Pet owners can learn more about home remedies for diarrhea and provide fast treatment for their dogs.


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