Camping In The Forest Review

Camping in the Forest review – highly recommended!

Camping in the Forest immediately sounds romantic and like a great adventure. What family can resist the idea of getting back to the simple life and enjoying nature? Here is out Camping in the Forest review.

I hate how my children spend way too much time chained to electronic gadgets and video games so was very keen to get away from it all. My younger children aged 9 and 11 were very excited at the idea of sleeping in a tent. My teenager was less convinced but came along too.

We recently spent a lovely weekend at the Holmsley Campsite in the New Forest and near the beach delights of Christchurch.

I loved the breath-taking scenery. I do believe green countryside calms the soul in the most wonderful way whatever is going on in your life. The beautiful woodland put me in mind of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. However, my absolute best moment was seeing the lovely New Forest ponies.

Him Indoors who is a workaholic amazed us all by relaxing and even riding a bike for the first time since he was in the Royal Air Force and serving in the Falklands War. He was joined by my 9 year old son Ramsey who thinks bike rides are the best thing ever.

My daughter loved having her own bedroom in the tent and we had so many stories, songs and giggles as we settled down for the night. Her very best moment was winning a colouring competition as she fancies being an artist for a career.

My teenager surprised us most by never mentioning his beloved X Box One for the entire weekend. He spent time chatting with other campers and playing boules a lot with new-found friends.

The weekend also involved Ranger activities (wild play, bug hunts, forest exploration, woodland foraging, games and scavenger hunts)and a tasty barbecue.

Other blogger families were around us and it was good to get to know new people. Although I am always a bit shy to start with, we forged a little community and I loved hosting an impromptu party outside our tent on the Saturday night. I think camping brings out the best in people and people shared resources in terms of playing with the children, sharing toys and food and more importantly, themselves and their life experiences.

Ramsey comments “My favourite part of Camping in the Forest was the fact we could sleep outside. I prefer camping to a posh hotel!”

Willow said “It was fun to get the boys away from their video games so they played with me more. I also enjoyed seeing Dad have a laugh”

So if you want to get away from it all in a beautiful location, we highly recommend Camping in the Forest.

More information, a map and directions can be found at:

I hope you enjoyed our Camping in the Forest review. If you want to get away from it all with the family in a different way check out a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads.

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  • The Beesley Buzz

    Sounds great. It really is amazing how given the right environment with lots to do outdoors, the kids don’t miss their gadgets. We experienced that miracle when we went ‘glamping’ in may half term – none of us missed our electronics at all – it was bliss!

  • Michelle Murray

    I have to admit that although I have never been camping before it is something I would love to do as like you I love the idea of being away from gadgets and gizmos. Both my sons now seem to prefer to be on phones or iPads but exploring the great outdoors is just so much more appealing, if they try! Thanks for sharing and linking up to #PlaydaysRunways

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