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Nutribullet food hacks to simplify your life

You have invested in a Nutribullet or had one bought as a gift. Are you making the most of it? Here are some easy Nutribullet food hacks to simplify your life when it comes to food, drink and even being eco-friendly.

Nutribullet food hacks with wine

Letting wine breathe is nothing new, but not everyone has the resources or patience to bring a decanter to dinner. If you’ve got a high-speed blender, don’t worry about it: you can hyper-decant inexpensive wine varieties in a blender for 30-60 seconds. How cool is that?


Smooth And Creamy Almond Milk

Once you try this recipe for homemade Almond Milk, you’ll never want the store-bought stuff. All you need is water and almonds, then a sweetener of your choice.


Be sure to use a blender that extracts all the nutrients you need without compromising on flavor. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Olive Oil Mayonnaise

If you’re trying to eat dairy-free, it’s almost impossible to live without mayo. When done at home, mayo costs way less than the supermarket stuff. Try out the totally paleo friendly recipe today!


Best Blender Lemonade

Now before we lose you, this isn’t just lemonade, but it’s the best damn lemonade you will ever have in your entire life.


Since this recipe requires blending the lemons right in, the key is to have a blender that’ll bring out all that sweet, tangy goodness.

Nutrient-packed Compost food hacks for your Nutribullet

Nutrients aren’t just for your body; they’re for your plants too! This simple hack is an absolute no-brainer.


Put all your wasted food in a blender that’ll bring out all their nutrients, zap it, and pour it on the soil. It’ll look (and possibly smell) gross, but just think of how much love you’ll be putting back into your garden.


Do you have some easy food hacks for your Nutribullet? Where do you look for the best food hacks online?

Here are some bonus ideas from blogger friends.

We use our Nutribullet for everything from making sauces and hummus, to smoothies and juices!
We also use it to purée baby food, it’s a must have for baby weaning.

We love using ours to make healthier chocolate milkshakes for the kids. We use plant based milk, a scoop of raw cacao powder and a banana or two. Whizz it together and it’s a delicious thick creamy chocolate milkshake! The kids go nuts for it, as do we!

I use this almost daily to hide various veg from the children. They eat some veg but onions, peppers and courgette have to be blended before being added to any sauce!

They’re fab for making easy smoothies. I buy frozen fruit and it’s so quick and easy to turn them straight into yummy smoothies. It’s a great way of getting one (or more!) of you five a day.

I’ve got a packet for Nutriblast Superboost which is a mix of hemp, goji, cacao and maca. I add a little into a smoothie for an extra boost of goodness

I use mine to make homemade Heinz tomato soup, following this recipe:

So there’s a bumper selection of Nutribullet food hacks. Which will you try first?



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