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Positive thinking as a mum – Rebecca’s story

Positive thinking is a term that is important but one that can be over-used and trivialized. I am grateful to Rebecca for sharing her story of how much can change in 10 years and how positive thinking as a mum can make you cherish your lot in life even if it is not always an easy one.

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“If I time travelled back 10 years ago, I would let myself know to hold on in there, life gets better. You see 10 years ago I was in an abusive relationship, and was about to be pregnant with my daughter. I was also battling an eating disorder and depression. I was drowning and I couldn’t see getting out of any of it without dying.

Thankfully, having my daughter was a turning point. I decided to leave this toxic relationship and it was me and my daughter against the world! Thankfully I had a job in finance that I loved and wanted to progress in. I held on to that as I learnt how to be a mum. Life was starting to get better.

Fast forward 5 years and I was married with 2 more children. Where my son was premature somehow my mind had done a 360 and although I was counting calories, I wanted to eat as much as possible. I needed as many calories as I could fit in me as I was breastfeeding and I needed good, fat milk to help my baby grow.

In 5 years I had completely flipped my life around, I was still working in finance, my new relationship was amazing and I felt like I was beating every negative aspect that was in my life beforehand.

Go forward a further 3 years and we were back after relocating to Prague for 2 years where I was a Business Manager for an International American School and my husband was head of a UK technical team. Our son was showing signs of Autism however and so we had moved home. My depression was also very prominent and I was found on a bridge. Life was extremely tough but our relationship was still strong and my children were still amazing!

Now in my life, not only do we have an Autistic child, we also have a child with an undiagnosed neuro muscular condition. Life is emotionally draining and some days I want to throw the towel in; there are only so many invasive tests that you can witness, there are only so many appointments you can go to and hear your child may die prematurely, there are only so many school meetings you can go to and hear how your child isn’t coping in main stream school.

The difference between 10 years ago and now, I don’t feel like I am drowning. I am not in control of my children’s conditions however their strength just spurs me on. My daughter has global development delay as well as a whole list of symptoms but one thing she does is smile! If she can smile, so can I! If she can overcome her challenges, so can I! I feel the strongest I have ever felt and yet I should be breaking down!

10 years ago I just wanted to end my life, today I stand tall knowing my life is a struggle, BUT I want to live, I want to fight.”

Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?

If not, check out videos on unhelpful thinking with tips for how to think in a more positive fashion.

Do you have any tips on positive thinking as a mum to share with my readers?



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  • Fiona Cambouropoulos

    Oh my Rebecca lief has thrown so much your way. Your children sound like the inspiration for your positive thinking, I hope it is always this way and that you can feel more in control of their conditions in time with your positive thought. #MMBC

  • Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Dealing with the challenges of life as a parent of children with additional needs is not easy at the best of times but positive thinking can make such a difference. It sounds like you have an amazing approach to the challenges that your life has thrown at you. I can certainly relate to your comment about the fact that although you are not in control of your children’s conditions, their strength spurs you on. My daughter has a complex heart condition and is about to have heart surgery. It is an incredibly anxious time for us as parents but seeing how she is taking it all in her stride and is so positive about it helps us to be stronger for her.

  • Lexie

    I’m glad to hear that things have gone well for you even through the ups and downs!
    Postive thinking and a good mindset will change things 100%. It’s not always as easy as it sounds…and definitely not possible when you are in a place of bad mental health.
    It’s something we should talk about more…working on ourselves. It’s like any other aspect of our health. It takes good habits and lots of practice. <3

  • Debbie

    Hi Kate and Rebecca, I do believe in the power of positive thinking, not in a magical fix it all sort of way, but because I know when I approach things in a positive manner I feel stronger and more capable. Negativity does breed negativity. Rebecca, I do feel what you are going through before my son was diagnosed with autism he was being put through a load of tests as it was suspected he had muscular dystrophy, luckily he doesn’t, but he does have a muscle condition that they cannot pinpoint. We started to suspect he was autistic at around the same time and it just felt like one thing after the other. It was a struggle and still is, but trying to stay positive helps me a great deal.

    Thank you for sharing this story and for linking up with the #MMBC.


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