2 Hearing Aids

2 Hearing Aids at the Same Time?

Logic dictates that 2 hearing aids could be better than one and the fact that you have a couple of ears in the first place would also suggest that doubling up would be better than going solo.

When you are fully rechargeable hearing aids it can such a huge difference to your perception of the world around you and social situations tend to be a whole lot easier when you can hear what is being said with such clarity.

The question you will want answering, therefore, is if you are looking to resolve your hearing loss problems, is wearing two hearing aids at the same time the best solution?

Here are some pointers to help you decide which way to go when you are trying to decide whether to double up on your hearing aids.

The risk of losing what you have got

The fact that you are looking at getting help with your hearing is confirmation that your hearing is not as good as it used to be but it is important to appreciate that if you don’t continue to use what you currently have efficiently, you could be risking further auditory deprivation and degradation.

Your auditory nerve pathways work at decoding the sounds you are subjected to and you will probably know that trying to hear what someone is saying to you when there is a lot of background noise becomes very difficult.

The suggestion is that if you want to avoid your hearing getting worse because of a lack of stimulus you might want to use a hearing aid in each ear to keep your natural hearing responses working as hard as possible.

Do you prefer listening in stereo or mono?

 Obviously, your natural hearing isn’t capable of delivering the sort of sound quality performance that you can get from a top hi-fi system, but it is a fair analogy to apply to the issue of having one or two hearing aids.

Wearing two hearing aids should enable you to enjoy clearer conversations and greater clarity and quality.

Another valid point to consider is the fact that when you are wearing two hearing aids you should benefit from what is known as sound localization. This means you will be better placed to distinguish where the sounds you are hearing are coming from.

No need to turn the volume up so loud

Another positive factor attached to wearing two hearing aids is that you will not have to set the amplification level as high as you might if you were only using a single hearing device.

When you have two hearing aids it produces binaural stimulation, which is the description give to the sensation where you perceive that volume levels are higher when you are receiving good sound in both ears rather than one.

Not having to turn the volume up as loud allows you to keep the volume setting lower which helps conserve battery power and should mean you can wear a smaller and more discreet device because a lower level of power is required.

Based on the points discussed it would seem clear that the idea of wearing two hearing aids has more advantages than trying to go solo with just the one.

Do you wear 2 hearing aids and do you find it helps you?








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