Why you should have a self care Sunday

Self-care is all over the media these days. Yet, it’s easy to dismiss self-care tips and advice. We assume it’s simply another trend we’re being urged to follow. However, self-care isn’t and shouldn’t be, a passing fashion. Following a trend is not what self-care is about at all. But what is it about? And why should we be making time to do it?

What is self-care and how will it help me?

Self-care is not one simple thing. It’s a combination of things and it means different things to different people. Basically, it’s a term for looking after ourselves properly. That can mean looking after our body or looking after our mind. Or ideally, both.

It’s no surprise that self-care is being mentioned a lot at the moment. This has been a tough time for us all. And that’s on top of our daily struggles – lack of time, work stresses, family problems and so on. So, it’s no wonder we need time to stop and be kind to ourselves. If we don’t take a bit of time to care for ourselves, how can we look out for others?

Self-care is about looking after our mental health and our physical health. But that doesn’t mean you need to join a gym. In fact, it’s more about taking time to do what relaxes you and makes you feel happy. So, what can you do on a self-care Sunday?

Ways to carry out self-care

The most important thing to do is set aside some time for yourself. Time to focus on you. So, have a think about what you like to do to relax and don’t usually have time for. And once you’ve worked that out, you need to make sure it happens.

Communicate your planned ‘me’ time to others in your household, so they’re aware and don’t unintentionally spoil your plans. Next, clear your diary of tasks and be strict with yourself about not taking on more things than you can manage. Delegate housework and cooking meals and don’t get drawn into answering emails that aren’t important. And if you’re a bit of a social media addict, try limiting it or switching off completely for a while. This will not only give you space to spend with family, friends and yourself but will prevent you from comparing your life and achievements to other people’s.

Looking after your body and mind

Pampering days are great for a self-care Sunday, but pampering doesn’t need to mean a day at a fancy spa. It can be whatever you find enjoyable. So, you’ll need to prepare for your day in your way.

That could mean getting outside in the fresh air and being closer to nature on a leisurely walk. Taking time to feel the leaves on trees and take in the views. This can be good for the body and the mind. However, it’s not everyone’s thing.

Looking after your body could mean taking the time to feed it with something tasty and nutritious. Especially if you’re used to snatching a bite of food here and there throughout the day, rather than eating properly and enjoying the experience.

Equally, it could mean taking time to use all those beauty products in your bathroom and bedroom. It could be running a bath for a luxuriously long soak. Why not make it a bit special by using your favourite bubbles or bath salts? Try lighting candles or pouring yourself a glass of something. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a chance to do this, get yourself prepared. Clear the clutter out of the bathroom and let family members know it’s your time and you want no interruptions.

If you’ve had little time to use your best cordless hair straighteners and get your hair looking sleek and stylish again, or to paint your nails in that new polish you bought a month ago, then ear-mark your self-care Sunday to do that too. And follow it up with an equally relaxing activity, so you don’t undo the good of your self-care straight away. Why not grab a good book and a comfy seat? Take some time to slow things down.


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