5 Things to consider when launching a product

As a blogger, I have had several products sent to me to review. I am interested in marketing in the media both online and in more traditional outlets. Over the years, I have learned a lot about how to get it right so here are 5 things to consider when launching a product to the marketplace.


How do you know that anyone will be interested in buying the product you want to make? It is foolhardy to not do some good research. Companies like can help you do this. I used to be really cynical about the use of focus groups when working for a charity. I held them and learned so much changing the direction of a project based on the feedback from the very people who would be affected by the products and services we had in mind. As a blogger, I was sent bakery products before they were launched commenting on taste and packaging. It is daft to invest money and time in products if they are never going to sell.

Treat your employees properly

In modern times, it is not just about how wonderful your product or service is. Consumers also want to know how ethical you are. They will want to know how you treat any employees for example. You can learn more about keeping your employees safe as they create your product or deliver your service. Do you pay your workers a fair wage? In a world of social media, it only takes one tweet from a disgruntled employee to threaten the success of your new product.

Eco credentials

We are all so much more aware of the importance of protecting our planet at a time when the threats to it are so very clear. The stronger the eco credentials of your product or service, the more likely it is to grab the attention and support of a lot of people particularly young people. There are very strong environmental networks you can tap into as you launch an eco-friendly product.

Social media

You can no longer ignore social media as a powerful medium for advertising your product or service. Tap into the free or low-cost option of promoting your business via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Your aim is to grab attention with clever ideas, powerful words and attractive images. Generate a buzz around your product and people will share your social media content building up a fantastic marketing momentum. Whether you are selling the best luxury lifts or vegan pies, social media is your ally.

Check out the competition

You are unlikely to be the only person selling the type of product you have in mind. Take the time to see who your competition are and how they are operating. Can you make your product or service better than theirs? How are they getting attention online and in the community? What can you learn from the way they do things? Get involved in relevant networks and keep your eyes peeled to see how you might do things.

What will your bear in mind when launching your product to market?





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