Blogging is very much a digital endeavour that we all do for many reasons. However, if there’s one universal thing that all bloggers want to achieve, it’s more viewers and more exposure. After all, writing to a crowd of three people is going to get boring eventually, so naturally, you’d want to increase your audience and get more people talking.

There are many ways to do this, but we believe that one of the best ways to get more attention to your blog is to learn a couple of digital skills that can not only help your blog but will also help in many other digital aspects that involve the internet and design in general.

So in this article, we’ll be discussing five skills that we recommend everyone pick up at some point to help boost their blog and their knowledge of digital skills.


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  1. HTML

HTML stands for hypertext markup language and is essentially the programming language used to build websites. With just a notepad file and knowledge of HTML, you could in theory create an entire website. It’s not going to be very safe and the design won’t be as good as a website builder, so why learn HTML?

Simple; because a lot of design elements have technical aspects behind them. Simple things like learning how to create a responsive web design that fits to the device you’re viewing on and optimizing your links and posts can all be done with a little HTML knowledge. HTML classes are incredibly popular among bloggers, and the skills can easily be transferred to a future of web design or technical support as well.

  1. Social Media

While not necessarily a “skill”, learning how to use social media can be one of the best ways to grow your blog. You’ll need to possess excellent communication skills and you also need the drive to engage with readers. Whether it’s responding on social media, creating posts that could potentially go viral or even connecting with influencers, it’s very important to learn to use social media.

Without knowledge of social media, it becomes incredibly difficult to build a faithful audience that you can interact with, so make sure you brush up on your social media marketing skills to grow your audience of readers.

  1. SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, one of the most popular strategies to help your website get more attention. Every search engine has an algorithm that they follow in order to rank websites based on their popularity and relevance to a search term. While this system can’t really be gamed anymore due to Google’s methods, there are guidelines that you can follow (published by Google themselves) to give you a better chance of appearing higher on a search.

This is a very technical subject, but it generally involves understanding keywords, optimizing meta descriptions and ensuring that your blog is friendly to mobile devices. Many companies pay third parties to optimize their website for SEO, but with a bit of knowledge and work on your own blog, you could optimize your website for search engines with relative ease.

Three Digital Skills That Will Take Your Blog To The Next Level

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What is a cold room is a funny old question to ask. With the decreasing temperatures as we welcome Autumn, many of us may think we have a cold room as we turn up the heating and buy logs for the wood burner. That’s not the sort of cold room I am writing about today. I am talking about industrial cold rooms used by a wide variety of businesses.

What is a cold room?

A cold room is generally found in a catering establishment such as a hotel or restaurant. It is effectively a walk-in cold  room or fridge/freezer to protect foodstuffs or other items.

What to think about when putting in a cold room?

You need to think through your exact requirements. How much space do you have available? What is your budget? Are there any regulations you need to consider?

Every Cooling Solution

Every Cooling Solution supplies and installs walk-in cool rooms. They work with the height and width that you have available. They work with your individual business taking your specific needs into mind.

Other cold room uses

Cold rooms are also used to store pharmaceuticals where health and safety regulations are rightly very strict. The offer clean rooms with panels. Whether food and drink, medicines or in IT and other commercial outlets, cold rooms can be super useful.

It’s a little bit chilly

Walk-in cold rooms range in temperature from minus 40 degrees Centigrade to plus 18 degrees Centigrade. The temperature will depend on whether you are looking for a cold room chiller, frozen or ambient room. That will in turn depend on what you are storing in the room.

What Is A Cold Room





So let me write a little about my day. I went for a lovely long walk with my 17 year old and the dogs in the countryside. I taught my 12 year old son about abstract art and Wilfred Owen as part of our home education journey. I chased freelancing opportunities and kept up with blogging work. I did not clean much at all today which is very unusual.

I fell asleep later in the afternoon. I find this happens from time to time since I got closer to middle age. Apparently this is not unusual in women of a certain age.

My husband works from home and was working away all day in the office popping out at lunchtime for food supplies. I asked him to bring me something nice and he bought a tasty cream cake. He also suggested we should go out together mid-week instead of reserving that to the weekends. I think this was a response to me saying last night that I get a little bored being stuck out in the countryside all the time during the week.

Tonight, he started cooking. I went to ask if I could help. He did not reply so I said “Hello!” reasonably loudly but only because he has hearing issues and says I mumble. Also the cooking was making noises too. I had no bad intention. If I had, I would be honest about it. He lost his temper. He accused me of stupidity and said I was lacking in sense. He also strangely said I was talking in a psychedelic and Green Party way.

When I put a metal spoon towards the pan to pick up food, he grabbed it and threw it across the kitchen. It was pretty clear by now that he was and is extremely angry with me. He says I never praise him. He says I shout at him and criticise him all the time.

I think some of this is stemming from me saying last night that I would consider returning to the United Kingdom especially if my teenage son goes back there. I am not sure how I feel about having a sea between us. I love it here in France but I also think I have learned a lot from being here that I could apply positively back in the UK. I could also fancy getting a job and making a difference in some way like I used to many years ago now.

I am by no means clear what I want to do. I do love it here and the community is so friendly and I do enjoy the bars, the food and the beautiful surroundings. We are not far from the sea and I always love trips to the coast.

I would still love that marriage you think about when you are full of romantic notions. I thought I had a real “us” relationship for a long time. Then I found out that my husband was addicted to porn and had joined more than one dating site. I was so hurt by that for a long time. It still disappoints me but I now have enough self-belief to think it was little to do with me and all about him and his values.

As I get older, I do wonder about what makes my husband tick. I do not fully understand why he is not in touch with his children from his first marriage, his grandchildren and his great grandchild.

I don’t know why he promised he would get involved in the home education journey and has done so little in the last few years which I feel leaves an awful lot of pressure on me when I am also juggling other things. Mind you to be fair, he does not get involved in much parenting really. He will tell the children off. He does not really get involved in establishing values, teaching them or ensuring they keep clean and so on. He does cook for them regularly. He is not all bad by any means.

He says I think I am perfect. I don’t. I know I can be moody and I know that according to him and others I over-analyse things. I just think I analyse things and that’s OK and very much part of who I am. I am not a domestic goddess by any stretch but I do try hard on that front. I annoy him by stacking things up wrong when I wash up and so on. I honestly do try to do the right thing. Too often, it feels like I am trying to shove a huge boulder up a hill and the slightest thing will result in him losing his temper and that boulder rolling down the hill again.

He shouts a lot. I don’t like it. He says I am a shouter but the children tell me it is him who shouts. I think so too but in arguments like tonight, I guess my voice probably does increase in volume. I know this is not good.

It’s like a whole heap of things are becoming clearer to me. I don’t like that he hates us making fusses around birthdays, Christmas and other special events. I like to have daft tea parties and stuff like that. He does not see the point and thinks birthdays and so on are just another day. So I always feel a bit stupid for making the effort although I know it is worth it because the children have those good memories. I have a milestone birthday coming up soon and he has done nothing towards it. I know you should not expect it but it would be nice to have the faith he would treat me on that special day in some way. I should point out that if I pointed him to a shelf and an item in the supermarket, he would buy me whatever it was.

I think perhaps at core I am an independent woman who really can’t understand why I don’t have it anymore. I would like to reclaim it but don’t know if I have it in me or the strength now I am older. I do know going into bars and being treated well has made me feel so much better about myself. I toy with the idea of asking for help of some of the customers or owners. Although I would like to keep the marriage going in many ways, I also feel it would be so relaxing to not have to walk on egg shells trying to work out what I can do to make my husband happy. I hate my intelligence being resented. I can’t actually help having the brain cells I do. Also if I am honest, I don’t particularly want prizes for great housework. I want to be valued for who I am and what I can do rather than listening to a litany of all the things I get wrong.

I recognise that there is an irony in writing this post which is presumably over-analysing things. I also realise this post includes criticisms of my husband so perhaps he has a point in thinking I am super-critical.

I think if I had the strength, the finances and the courage, it would be lovely to have a key for a front door of my own and also to get my bank card back for good. I let him have it for convenience but then on nights like this feel so stupid for doing so,

The weird thing is I used to think stuff like this and get all solar plexus painful and tearful. Sometimes I would take off into the night on my own stupidly putting myself at risk. That does not happen anymore so I am hoping I am feeling my strength a little more. I guess I just feel I would like to do things my way however wrongly for a change almost to see if that could work better. Trying to please clearly is not working.

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When you set up a business, one of the decisions you need to make is whether you will operate as a limited company or a sole trader. Setting up a limited company can appear daunting but does have some advantages that you need to consider.

Limited liability

Although when you set up a business, you are full of hope and self-belief, the truth is that things can go wrong in business. Limited liability protects you if things do go awry as you will not be personally liable for any losses made by your company. This is because the company is a separate legal entity in its own right with its own bank account, assets and so on.


Companies and individuals you do business with may see you are more professional if you are operating as a limited company. Some people will have a business policy of never dealing with sole traders or partnerships. So to an extent, establishing yourself as a limited company can be a marketing tool.

You company name

Once you have successfully registered your company with Companies House your company name is protected by law. They have  very strict rules for the naming of companies so no one else can use the same name as you, or anything deemed too similar. If you know you are the only person operation with your company name, you know you will always stand out and other businesses will not be able to pass themselves off as your business.

Transfer of ownership

When you start a business, succession may not be on your mind but establishing a limited company offers protection for future events too should you wish to transfer ownership in your company to others. This means you or other shareholders in your business can retire easily when the time comes or move on to pastures new without threatening the business.

You should also look into the pay and tax advantages of setting up a limited company which can make you far better of financially. To work out which legal structure of business is best for you, go to the One Click Group which will help you work out the right answer for your individual business.

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Yesterday, I gave up on my son for the first time in his life. I honestly felt that I was not equipped to help him in the present or the future. He was also making it very clear that I was being stupid, not listening and not helping one bit. I ended up concluding that he should rely on his father from now on rather than myself.

Let me explain the situation. We moved to France just over a year ago basically because we felt we were working for nothing in the UK with high rents and so on. I had always fancied living in France anyway but not pursued it as my husband is not the most adventurous. When I saw an advert for a rented house in France I raised the issue which my husband poo-poo-ed as he does with most of my ideas. He came round to the idea when I explained how much better off we would be.

We remained in the UK long enough for my son to do his GCSES. He was disappointed with his results. If am perfectly honest so was I particularly when I thought about how I had encouraged him to revise and perhaps put school work over video games from time to time. That said he was also ill with time off school last year and he struggles with what I think is dyspraxia. We negotiated for special extra time in his exams so he could get things down on paper in the time slot. He did have some incredibly good grades in Mathematics, English Literature and RS. He had wanted to do History and Domestic Science but the places were full for those courses. Politics which is one of his passions was not even on offer.

My son is like me in sometimes really lacking self-belief. I am having to go back and remember just how rotten that is when you are young. The good thing with getting older is even when the negative self-talk hits, you do actually know you can overcome challenges.

I talk to him a lot and explain how people we know including in the family have done amazingly well in life with no or poor exam results. I also point out that despite my degree in Law from Cambridge University, I have never managed to get wealthy or even reasonably well off. I explain that sometimes you meet people that turn your life around in unpredictable ways. He looks at me and I can see what I am saying is not really registering. I remember being the same at his age feeling the older generation really did not get the traumas of the younger one.

It all started yesterday when I was having a really positive home education session with my younger son and daughter. We were looking into various aspects of World War Two. When Anderson shelters were mentioned in a video we were watching we decided to find out why they were named that. Then I came up with the idea we could build one on the land here over the weekend to get us working together as a family outdoors. My husband’s response to this from the other room was that I was being over-ambitious. My teen son followed this up by saying yes his dad was right and it was totally impractical. I lost it. I have asked both of them over the years to help me with home education and they don’t. I think that is fair enough for my teen but really resent that my husband does not help and resents my requests for him to get involved. He has delivered around 5 lessons in 4 years so you get the idea. This from the man who promised he would cover science and maths subjects leaving me to focus on the arts.

My take is that those who do bugger all should not expect perfection from those who are at least making an attempt to get it right!

Anyway, I lost my temper and then cried. We are in France. My teen son wants to return to the UK. He wants a life of his own but does not really know where to start.

Last night when we had calmed down a bit, we chatted. He thinks an apprenticeship would be his best option ideally related to theatre, film, history or politics. He would like to live with a friend but his friends are not in their own places yet and still living with parents. To his credit, he knows I love it here so does not want to drag me back to the UK. I of course want to support him so would happily return to the UK to get him on his feet. We have worked out we need another year to work it all out and in the meantime he can learn French. He says he has tried so I have said we can sit down every day and do a French lesson. We did this today and he made no mistakes at all so that’s a step in the right direction.

I guess this is a triumphant tale in that both of us felt ready to give up on the other yesterday but resolved it positively. I honestly though I was doing the right thing bringing us all here and we have all had a good year but I now need to realise my son has his own dreams that might not quite match with my own and that is OK. We are in this together

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