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Winter skincare with Aquaphor

Have you heard of Aquaphor? I had not done so but was delighted to receive a sample and see how it helped my family's skin in these colder months. We all know that Winter brings its challenges including chapping, chafing and so on. I love my walks in the forest

Highlights of my week

My first highlight has just happened as I thought my laptop had finally died on me but I seem to have managed to give it the kiss of life. I hate it when technology goes wrong and am the sort that could quite happily throw whatever gadget is playing up

5 tips for a perfect Christmas

How do you have the perfect Christmas? That is what we are all asking ourselves at this time of year. The television tries to tell us how to do it in a certain way often with mixed messages even within the same programme. Your perfect Christmas might include dinner on Christmas

7 techniques that help in working with problem student

There are many ways to establish order and discipline in the classroom. Some methods are more effective than others, but no one has managed to find one universal way yet, that would be equally reliable in all cases. Therefore, a novice teacher should always act depending on the circumstances. If

Highlights of my week

You find me in a happy mood. I think this is partly because I am now actively seeking out happiness rather than just hoping it will turn up. Does that make sense? So here are some nice  things in my world right  now. On the  night before my son's 18th

Happy 18th Birthday – a letter to my son

Happy 18th birthday darling You find me in a little shock that I have managed to do well enough to even get you to 18 years old. It has been a bumpy old ride but one I am so glad we took together. Firstly, it is important to say how very much

Who do I think I am? – Living DNA testing

Who do I think I am? This is so relevant to me partly because I am adopted. Identity is a big issue for me as there are gaps in what I know about my birth parents and my birth father in particular. Obviously having seen DNA tests on the daytime

Plus size fashion from Pink Clove

Plus size fashion sometimes seems like a contradiction in terms. Yes you can get clothing if you are a larger or curvaceous woman but it seems all too often the colours and styles are so drab. I may not be size 6 but yes I do have an interest in

Highlights of my week

I am little late sharing my highlights of my week but I seem to have managed to carve out a little time to do so. I am delighted that my soon to be 18 year old wants to spend his 18th with me. He does not want expensive things but does

The Reflex Pillow – a review

How are you sleeping? Is your bedroom your sanctuary? Perhaps like me you do not sleep as well as you could? I want to introduce you to something that has helped improve my comfort and my night's sleep. I am delighted to share my review of the Reflex Pillow with