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Benefits of setting up a limited company

When you set up a business, one of the decisions you need to make is whether you will operate as a limited company or a sole trader. Setting up a limited company can appear daunting but does have some advantages that you need to consider. Limited liability Although when you set up

Teen troubles

Yesterday, I gave up on my son for the first time in his life. I honestly felt that I was not equipped to help him in the present or the future. He was also making it very clear that I was being stupid, not listening and not helping one bit.

Top tips for keeping warm

What are your top tips for keeping warm? There is little doubt it is that bit chillier particularly in the evenings so it is time to check your central heating systems are in good order. Neglecting checking on your pipe insulation systems is a big mistake..If you want to put

Highlights of my week

Regular readers will know that I have had my big battles with depression over the years. In the last couple of weeks or so, I have felt the dark clouds hovering again. I am pleased I see them early these days so I can do something to prevent hurtling headlong

Tracing my birth family – an update

Tracing my birth family has not happened all at once. In my twenties I got found out the basic information. This basically meant I found out I had Irish parents who were not married and who had already had one child who they had adopted out to Ireland. I also

Benefits of co-working

Co-working is something I think works well for so many individuals and organisations. As the word suggests it is about working together rather than hiding in an ivory tower of your own office. Instead of seeing people isolated in cubicles or behind  screens, it brings people together in an open

Cashmere clothing and its benefits

Cashmere is such a lovely word. I cannot remember a time when I did not know the word or that it equated to quality when it comes to fashion choices. Cashmere is one of those raw materials where the saying that you get what you pay for really applies.  Cashmere

Life’s milestones and insurance

Our lives are made up of many minutes most of which just pass by without us even taking notice. That's a mistake of course which comes home to roost when someone close to us becomes terminally ill or dies. There are also the key moments or milestones that always capture