The craziest ways people have blown their lottery winnings

What would you do if you ever won the lottery? Most of us probably have big dreams and ideas about how we’d spend the jackpot. In many cases, people have been able to achieve their wildest dreams with stacks of cash – but in others, they’ve gone ahead and blown the lot.

Lottery winners ‘blowing the lot’ is a bit of an odd phenomenon. We are a nation of lottery ticket lovers – hence why popular sites such as Lotto Lovers exists – but when it comes to actually winning prizes, there are a few people who just don’t know how to keep hold of the pennies!

Here are a few of the craziest ways people have spent their fortunes – not that any of the below is ever recommended, of course!

A decade of fast living

Callie Rogers is a name that some people may recognise from a few years ago, as she was the youngest-ever winner of the National Lottery back in 2003. Picking up an impressive £1.9m, that money had pretty much disappeared by 2013, as the teenager had elected to splash it all on lavish lifestyle spending, cosmetic surgery and hedonism. Many people would probably dream of doing the same, but Rogers only had a few grand left a decade later.

A private racing track

Michael Carroll perhaps remains one of the most infamous examples of a lottery winner that lost it all. Referred to in the press as the ‘Lotto Lout’, Carroll frittered away a £9.7m fortune on all kinds of illegal activities, turning his new home into a party palace, and building a racetrack in his own back yard. That led to all kinds of problems with the neighbours, and he soon lost his fortune.

Pubs, parties and cars

John Roberts at least tried to make his fortune travel that little bit further, however, he still sunk much of his £3.1m fortune into supercars and fancy living. Amongst his purchases included a whole pub, which the press has described as a ‘money pit’. Investments Roberts clearly thought were going to head his way didn’t turn out so well, and within three years of scooping the jackpot, he’d used it all up.

A whole football club

Many football fans probably dream of buying a stake in their favourite teams, but what about buying a club outright? That was what £10m jackpot winner John McGuinness did in 1997, purchasing Livingston FC for around £3m. However, with the club came all of its debts and running costs – and McGuinness was back to a humdrum life a decade or so later on.

A cautionary tale?

Winning the lottery can seem like a dream come true – but as we can see, there are plenty of crazy ways to spend that cash! Saving money is a golden rule, no matter what you win – try not to follow the examples listed here if you can really help it!

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