What Are The Common Causes Of Kitchen Odours?

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Have you ever walked into your kitchen and immediately wondered, “what on earth is that smell?” It’s hard to focus on doing anything in your kitchen if there seems to be an unpleasant smell lingering in there. It’s especially bad if you can’t seem to place a finger on the cause. But what’s even worse is when the odour takes over your entire home, leaving you embarrassed when visitors come by. So, are you scratching your head over a bad odour in your kitchen? Here are some of the key areas you should check. 

  • Your garbage can

Okay, this should sound pretty obvious. In many cases, most kitchen smells come from the garbage can. And the good thing about it (if there’s any good thing at all) is that it is usually an easy fix— empty your garbage can and clean it thoroughly. You can add vinegar, baking soda, or surface cleaner. Once done, leave it out in the open to dry out for about 20 minutes before bringing it back into your kitchen. 

  • Your kitchen sink

There are two main reasons why your kitchen sink and drainage system will stink. The first reason is when debris, dirt, and food particles build up in the drainpipe. Once these particles attach themselves to the sides of the drainpipe, bacteria causes them to decay over time, creating a bad smell. The second reason could be a strong smell coming from the sewer up through your drainpipe. The solution here is to investigate your U-bend for any form of obstruction or leakage.

You can use natural cleaning agents like vinegar, baking soda, or even boiling water to eliminate the odour to clean your drain pipe. Store-bought cleaning products are also effective. 

  • Your microwave

It is important to clean your microwave often as it generates a pretty awful smell after regular use. The less you clean it, the more the odour builds up and engulfs your kitchen. Experts advise cleaning your microwave at least once every week. A simple hack is to fill a bowl with water, heat it in the microwave for about 2 minutes, and allow the heat to release dried-up food particles to make cleaning easier. 

  • Bad kitchen habits 

Some bad kitchen habits like using cigarettes, leaving dishes unwashed, not cleaning the kitchen daily, etc., can cause bad odour to build up. The simple solution is to clean the kitchen and wash used dishes immediately after use. It’s best to avoid using cigarettes in the kitchen or opt for alternatives like the smok novo pods, which usually have a less offensive fragrance.

  • Rotten food

Another common culprit of a smelly kitchen is rotten food, whether in your pantry, refrigerator, kitchen shelf, cabinet, or any other place in your kitchen. Keeping your food storage areas organised and clutter-free makes it easier to prevent food from going bad.

  • Your oven

It’s important to clean out your oven once a month, especially if it’s an integral part of your everyday cooking. That’s because the primary cause of oven odour is a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. 




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