Daisy jewellery review

My daughter recently turned 18 years of age and I wanted to get her some special gifts to mark the occasion. My late mum always bought jewellery to mark my milestones so I thought I would follow her example. I wanted something that little bit different for my daughter as she is that little bit different in a wonderful way. I spent hours looking on the High Street from gift shops to jewellers and even the post office! In the end I decided to go online and found the most wonderful website with so many quirky choices. I hope you enjoy reading my Daisy jewellery review.

Daisy jewellery review

The first thing to say about Daisy jewellery is that there really is something for everyone. We tend to prefer silver to gold and both are available. I love gemstones and again there is a good choice on the Daisy website. The quality of the jewellery is impressive so I can confirm that Daisy jewellery is good. It is by no means cheap and cheerful but it is very affordable when you feel like indulging  yourself or treating someone with a gift of jewellery.

Perfect jewellery for a birthday

I gave my daughter a choice of gift and she loved a very different silver ring. She chose a palm leaf symbol although I should point out there are other choices that celebrate nature including rings with roses and sunflowers. Her ring is a classic signet ring that captures the attention. I thought she would choose something slightly more delicate like the daisy bloom crown band. Rings are a wonderful gift that stand the test of time.

It’s time to get her ears pierced

My daughter has wanted to get her ears pierced for some time. This was initially delayed as we were separated during the first lockdown due to the global pandemic. Even after we were reunited, we had to wait until non-essential shops reopened. She has a booking for this Thursday and is both nervous and excited. I have shown her the wonderful range of earrings available from Daisy and she is busy this minute making her selections. My mum always advised me to only put gold or silver in my ears and it is not the worst advice.

Daisy necklaces

Part of self-care is treated yourself now and again. I have had a tough couple of years adapting to a completely new way of life since the breakdown of my marriage. Healing after losing someone you thought you would be with for life takes time. I love wearing the Rose Quartz necklace from Daisy as a reminder that things ease in time and new adventures await. The range of necklaces at Daisy include flower themes, healing gemstones, snake chains and layering options.

Jewellery as part of your story

My mum had lots of jewellery and was a great story-teller. She would regale me with the tales behind her treasured items. There were happy and poignant memories shared as we went through her jewellery box. I love the Daisy ethos of jewellery as a reflection who you are, where you have been and a focus on what comes next. Daisy is a female-led business that celebrates women and their narratives. They offer unique jewellery that will become the heirlooms of the future. It is pleasing to see they have good charitable and environmental values too. I look forward to continuing my journey with them and am delighted to have found their website.






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