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How Colorful Flowers Important for leading a better lifestyle?

It makes us feel beautiful when we adorn it. It makes us feel loved when someone gifts it to us. It makes us a calmer version of ourselves just with its aroma and natural beauty. It makes our heart bloom into happiness seeing the symbolism it conveys. It is none other than god’s greatest piece of craftsmanship – colourful flowers. Being our rainbow in someone else’s cloud to make one of the classic gifts for centuries, flowers are a blessing in disguise. To honour someone or to appreciate someone’s existence in our lives to convey our condolences on someone’s loss, flowers do it all on behalf of us.

Red roses stand for romance, love and passion, whereas yellow roses stand for friendship and just like that every other coloured kind of rose is different from one another in its beautiful symbolism. Synonymous to being a perfect epitome of “beauty with benefits”, these happy flowers have been seen to trigger the happy hormones and replace our tension, stress, anxiety, depression – all of it with its happy, positive vibes. That is the reason one carries a bouquet of bright coloured flowers to the hospital to greet a patient.

There is simply no denying about the fact that flowers are a part of our day to day lives, some or in some other way. One such way would be a part of a versatile home or venue decor item. Whether you want something loud and bright or just a subtle yet significant kind of appeal that your wedding, baby shower, birthday, anniversary venue decor must speak of, flowers have got it all covered for you.

Speaking of decorating one’s room with beautiful flowers placed in vases, it also has some innate blissful cleansing properties to clean the air, just like an artificial air-purifier. It is said to be quite effective in removing toxins from the air and bless us with a huge amount of oxygen. So it not just freshens up your decor but also freshens up the air around.

Flowers can bring life to even the dullest of the dull things. It has also been blessed with some therapeutic or medicinal values which blesses a deceased person with the “feel good factor”. It is used in and as Ayurvedic, Unani, Allopathic medicines for its awe-inspiring healing properties.

Talking of flowers and spirituality, flowers are said to speak of urity, strength and selflessness. It urges a person to take the path of righteousness and teaches the successful way to lead a life since ages. Take for instance, lotus even after growing in muddy, swampy water keeps floating without getting affected by the icky conditions. On the other hand, roses are considered to be the most beautiful flower in the whole wide world but it has thorns in it. All of which hints that a person might be imperfect but what matters, at the end, to cherish his/her perfections and to move forward with it.

So, every flower teaches us something and is important for leading a better lifestyle.

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