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How to get a sexy smile to dazzle them

I used to have lovely teeth. My parents were so good at looking after me so regular dentistry was provided. I used to go and see Mr Shaw in Empire House in Dewsbury. You climbed up steps and entered the waiting room. I remember loving all the different magazines on offer before you were called in for your check-up. I had a few fillings and braces fitted at one point. So I had shiny white teeth with an attractive gap between my two front teeth as a teenager and young adult. Now I would like that sexy smile back but years of depression and eating the wrong things have taken their toll. What are my options?

Missing my sexy smile

Apparently I should look into veneers. I look on various websites and can see that I am not the only person in the world with crooked and discoloured teeth. The thing about my teeth’s fall from grace is that it affects my self-confidence really badly. I would love to do Facebook Lives and vlog but I bottle it afraid I will be judged by anyone watching me. I can forgive other people their imperfections but beat myself up emotionally about mine.  When I am socialising or meeting new people, I can forget at first about my teeth. However, as soon as I smile or giggle I think how ugly that once beautiful smile is these days.

Porcelain veneers

The more research I do the more convinced I am that porcelain veneers may be the solution to my angst about my teeth. Apparently the procedure to get these is painless and simple enough. I always thought that it would be complex when I have envied those celebrities you see who have clearly had their teeth fixed to get that sexy smile.

Money matters

I worry that I will never be able to afford treatment. However, apparently you do not have to have all your teeth done so I could just choose the worst affected. Also there seem to be good finance plans in place with the Harley Street Smile Clinic to help the money side be more manageable.

Baby  steps

Right now, I do not have the money required for treatment but I can dream and save. In the meantime, I am reassured that you can send pictures of your teeth via email for someone to look at. They can give you advice and an idea of how much it would take to achieve that sexy smile you dream of. I guess it was like when I was counselling people in debt. Every client thought they had the worst case you had ever seen. Of course only one person could have that dubious honour. Most clients were average even though they thought the amounts they owed were huge. In a similar way I guess experts in cosmetic dentistry have seen it all before. In due course, it would be great to share my before and after treatment images with you.

Do you already have a sexy smile or are you unhappy with your teeth?

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