Make Your Home Brighter and Livelier in Winter

The winter season is in full swing and has brought with it a lot of snow and cold. Walking outside can be an unpleasant experience. To make your home feel more inviting all the time, try these tips below.

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Bring in Some Plants

Choose flowering plants to brighten up your space. If the weather is too cold, try a houseplant or indoor herb garden.

Add some greenery with decorative branches like eucalyptus, potted succulent plants, or fresh sprigs of herbs on countertops and windowsills. Use these spices: Cinnamon sticks are fragrant and look great in containers; bay leaves repel bugs but draw out delicious flavors from simmering dishes; parsley can also be used for decoration purposes while adding flavor to recipes. Also consider the best indoor plants for low light.

Examples of great plants

Ferns: Plant these in a pot and place it next to your entryway or stairwell. Ferns have a deep green color, with lots of fronds that bring life into otherwise drab spaces.

English ivy: This is a vine that will provide color and flourish to your home. English Ivy can be very versatile, as it does well in indirect light and humid environments.

Lucky bamboo: The lucky bamboo plant has been around for centuries! Lucky Bamboo thrives on water alone–no soil needed–and can be found in many homes and restaurants.

Spider plant: Spider plants are easy to care for, as they thrive indoors during the winter months with minimal light or outside without much water at all! They also make great indoor air purifiers by pulling toxins from the air.

Peace Lilly: This is another flowering plant that can be an indoor or outdoor plant. Peace Lilies need a lot of water but prefer indirect light (filtered sun) and humid environments.

Use Lighter Colored Curtains

Light colors brighten up the room, while darker tints can be moodier. Soft neutrals are great for any season! Keep curtains and window coverings as simple as possible. Ornamented draperies can be too busy, drawing the eye away from where you want it to go.

Try adding a sheer layer of fabric to the outside of your curtains. This will filter out some light but still allow people (and pets) on the other side to see in and you to see out without sacrificing privacy.

Have More Light Fixtures

Lamps are great for smaller spaces, but if you have a larger room, try using multiple wall sconces to create an inviting atmosphere. Use table lamps and floor lamps instead of overhead lights in your living area. These will give off more light on the faces of those sitting around it.

Add lamps, sconces, and light fixtures to the hallway outside of your bedroom. It will provide a soft glow as you head towards bed at night. Place a few lamps on the foot of your bed, and make sure they’re plugged in. It will help you to see where you are walking when it’s dark.

Remove Mesh Screens

Screens can be a great way to keep bugs out, but they also block the natural light. Instead of screens, use window films and curtains with sheers that will allow you to see outside while protecting your room from insects.

Your home will feel more welcoming and inviting during the winter months. You’ll want to spend time at home when it’s dark out, which in turn can help with feelings of loneliness or depression that often accompany the cold weather.

A brighter home will also feel more energetic and lively. You’ll have a place to curl up by the fireplace, read your favorite book, or watch TV without being overpowered by dark colors! And if you live in an apartment with too many windows for blackout curtains, these tips can help keep your space feeling cozy all winter long.


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