Red pepper starter with goat’s cheese

I love colourful and tasty peppers, a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Here’s a red pepper starter which is bound to impress your guests.

Red Pepper Timbale with Goats Cheese

Red Pepper Starter

Serves 4

Time of preparation: 60 minutes

Ingredients for your red pepper starter

3 red peppers
1 aubergine
½ onion
Goat’s cheese 4 slices (better with the rind)
Olive oil
Garlic, to taste
A handful of rocket


Roast the peppers and the aubergine with half an onion.
Leave to cool and then peel the vegetables.
Cut into strips and mix in a bowl with olive oil and garlic finely chopped.
Add salt and pepper.
Grill the goat’s cheese so it has some colour but doesn’t melt completely.
On a plate put 3 tablespoons of the vegetable mixture and place the cheese on top of this.

Garnish with a small bunch of rocket, balsamic glaze (optional- available now in most supermarkets) and chopped parsley.

* Chef’s Tip: drizzle the vegetables with a splash of olive oil and season, as this makes them easier to peel later.

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