Six Tips to Help Your Kid Arrange the Best Sleepover Party

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There’s nothing that can make your kid jump up and down with excitement as much as a sleepover party at a friend’s house. A sleepover can be super fun, strengthens the bond of sisterhood between your daughter and her gal pals, and helps her create lasting memories.

Most parents find it a bit worrying to send their children away for the night when they’re younger, but as they enter middle school, it’s important to allow them some freedom. If you’re feeling a little hesitant about sending your kid away for the night, why not then invite her friends over, if, that is, you can promise to keep your parental intrusions to a minimum. This way, your child gets to enjoy a sleepover under the safety of your supervision.

There are numerous ways you can make sure that you host the best sleepover party and make your home the go-to place for sleepovers to be planned.

If you’re interested in learning how, then keep on reading below.

Plan an outing

For a lot of kids, a sleepover can get boring when all the time is spent indoors. An outing can make a sleepover that much more enjoyable for a lot of kids. Have fun with friends at the fair, at a mall, go to a concert, or eat out, and then go to the house for the sleepover to begin.

Cater to your daughter’s and her friends’ interests. If your kid is into music, chances are she must have a bunch of music junkies for friends. Find out if there are any concerts or festivals playing around in your area where your daughter and her friends can have a grand old time listening to the tunes of their favorite artists.

Check out the summer classical music festival if you want to make their experience a memorable one. With so many artists playing at the festival, watch out for their favorite ones, schedule the sleepover to when they will be playing.

Keep your home ready

One of the biggest sleepover letdowns is when your home isn’t ready to accommodate your guests. Before you make any plans with your friends, you want to ensure your home is comfortable and well-equipped to handle their needs.

For starters, you should have enough pillows, blankets, and mattresses so that everyone can rest comfortably, even if they don’t get a wink of sleep with all the gossiping keeping them up all night.

Additionally, you want to ensure your bathrooms are fully stocked up with all the essential toiletries. When girls come over, they’ll most likely be playing around with makeup, so you’ll want to stock up on tissues, wipes and face washes.

If you want to go the extra mile in raising your daughter’s standing among her gal pals as the best sleepover host, you can arrange for bathrobes, slippers, and matching night suits so that the girls can feel the sisterhood that brings them together.

Arrange for food

While fun and games are important, food is inarguably one of the most important parts of a sleepover. The girls will need all the food they can get their hands on to stay energized and up all night. After a hearty dinner, you should have a stack of snacks to keep your friends from feeling hungry in the night.

Nachos, chips, cookies, and sliders all make excellent sleepovers food options, because they’re conveniently packaged, easy to eat, and are always super delicious. When picking out snacks, ask your kid and her friends for what they prefer.

Additionally, it can help to ask beforehand if any of the kids coming over have any food allergies or any aversions when it comes to food. This way, you can let the other parents know that their kids are well taken care of at your place, and that they can rest easy.

If snacks won’t satisfy the late-night hunger pangs, then ordering in a pizza can always be a deliciously-filling option.

Keep some areas off-limits

At a sleepover, things do get a little unruly at times. There’s always a friend who is a little wilder than the others, and you wouldn’t want them turning your place upside down. So, establish some rules from the outset about some no-go zones in the house.

When friends of your daughter’s come over, be sure to let them know which rooms of the house are they allowed to go in and which are off-limits. Although make sure you are polite and friendly about it, as you don’t want to come off as an overly strict parent.

Allow access to the kitchen, the outdoors, and to certain bedrooms and bathrooms. By keeping some areas off-limits, your children won’t need to worry about their friends snooping around in places they shouldn’t be.

Stock up on games and movies

Sleepovers rarely ever involve sleeping, and even when they do, it’s into the wee hours of the night. This means the kids have a lot of time to kill, and if you don’t stock up on games beforehand, the kids can look to other ways of entertaining themselves, some of which might not be best for them.

To keep boredom at bay, keep a stock of different party games at hand so your sleepover guests can get the entertainment going even after the hot gossips have run out.

Prepare a list of movies they can watch together, and make sure you include the best movies for a slumber party in the list as you don’t want your sleepover pals dozing off from boredom. Include thrillers and horror movies, alongside entertaining comedies. Put the flicks on to prepare your sleepover gals for bed.

Don’t be too overbearing

If it’s your first time hosting a sleepover for your kid and her friends, you might find it hard not to over supervise. Even if you mean well, you might come off as the overbearing helicopter parent and make the other children feel uncomfortable, too.

Instead of checking in repeatedly, establish some rules and trust the kids to follow them. Once you give the kids a bit of leeway, they will feel relaxed and responsible at the same time. If you create a comfortable environment, your place can easily become the go-to place for all future get-togethers.


Hosting a sleepover can be exciting if you know how to prepare. Not only can this be an excellent time for your kids to bond with their friends, but it can also allow you to watch your kids make memories while having fun. If you follow above-mentioned tips on how to host a stellar sleepover party, you can help your kids host sleepovers that will leave their friends talking for months to come.


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