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Listography – Top 5 Search Engine Terms

Welcome to a Listography where we don't have to think. This is great news as last week was a tough challenge thinking up 5 dates never mind 5 disastrous ones at that. 1. Halloween Carrot Cupcakes - I guess from this we can take it that I have

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Joining in with Mich's blog hop over on the Mummy from the Heart blog at Here are my reasons for smiling this week. 1. It is official. I will be speaking at Britmums Live next June which means that I have to actually turn up and is a great motivation

The Best Day I Spent With My Family

I am joining in with the Britmums Prompt this week where we are asked to tell you about the best day with our family. When I became a mum, it felt like a lovely two had become a wonderful three. My son was a bonus, adding to an already fun

Inspirational People – The Gallery

The Gallery theme this week is Inspirational People. Who has inspired me? There is the teacher at school who did not have a television and challenged my thinking. There is the solicitor who fought miscarriages of justice. There is the lovely Freddie Mercury who I admire for his creativity and his willingness to live

Are You A Grooving Mum? Could You Be?

Are you trying to do any of the following? 1. Put yourself first occasionally 2. Rediscover your personality and interests 3. Reinvent yourself 4. Live with sparkle Some mums lose themselves a bit in the midst of all the business (chaos) of being a mother. This blog hop encourages them to return to old

Do You Like My Jugs?

I love those days where my Dad says "Take your time" when I visit the charity shop. The children are in school, Him Indoors is in work and the wifey type person will play. I have always enjoyed bargain-hunting and it is even more fun now knowing I can share

How to get your groove back

For those who do not yet know, the Getting Your Groove Back Blog Hop is for mums who want to rediscover the woman they used to be or to reinvent themselves altogether. The aim of the blog hop is to share stories and to celebrate changes in our lives

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Isn't it lovely to see Reasons To Be Cheerful back on the Mummy from the Heart blog? I know all the hostesses did a wonderful job over the Summer with the notable exception of yours truly who cocked it up bigstyle but it is good to see it returning home after

Weight loss slow down

I am joining in with Mumentum run by the wonderful New Mum Online blog. What is it all about? It is about mums supporting each other as they try to tackle mummy tummies. I am reporting a weight loss slow down. It was an odd week because after

Thinking positive

Joining in with my very favourite blog hop of the week and thinking positive after quite a stressful little occurence in Tesco earlier this evening. Will be the subject of a blog and rant later my dears. This post is about being chirpy. 1. We went to Blackpool illuminations.

NetMums UK bargain

So what bargains have I to celebrate this week? I had a very strange experience last week when I visited a charity shop and bought absolutely nothing. This may be a first. There was the odd thing I fancied but I was put off by a rather officious male member of

NetMums Nearly New bargains

Joining in as usual with the lovely Liz's blog hop hosted over at the Me and My Shadow blog. <img src=" I did not get to the charity shop this week and several things I had arranged to collect from the Netmums Nearly New Boards were put on hold for a week. However,

Weight loss journey

How can I finally make my best weight loss journey? I am joining in the blog hop run by New Mum online to do with losing baby tummies (or in my case teenager in training tummies) and this is my second week of documenting my hopefully best weight loss journey, Last week,