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Travelling is for everyone. There are so many different options out there, so many different, unique places to visit, that no matter what type of traveller you are you will find something to suit you.



People often associate travel with the free spirit, untied to the responsibilities of the real world, but that is so far from the truth it can’t even see the truth. Whether you prefer the adrenaline junkie highs of adventure, the wonder of different cultures, or just want to relax on some quiet white-sand beach, check out these options for you.



What type of traveller are you?

Those who enjoy getting the blood pumping and scaling mountainsides, or tackling the mighty rivers in your raft love the idea of adventure. It gives you the opportunity to see the world from a whole different perspective, high above sea level, looking out over vast expanses of land.

Looking into your next adventure, then you can find a plethora of options; from Argentina tours to conquering famous mountain ranges or hurtling down some of the most glorious snow-covered ski runs the world has to offer. While adventure may cost, you can’t put a price on feeling one with nature as you battle the elements and make the world your own.





Witnessing and experiencing other cultures is something that many people want to do but don’t have the time. Luckily, every country and civilisation on the planet has its unique culture for you to explore. This can be anything from sampling the artistry of European nations to dining on unfamiliar cuisine on the far side of the planet.

Chasing culture, whether it be at home or away, allows you to discover hidden gems of wisdom from history, as well as bear witness to some of the more unique practices of places you may never have known about. Immersing yourself in other cultures also gives you the chance to broaden the mind and open your world to ideas you would never have considered had you stayed home.




But for all of the potential of culture and adventure, sometimes you just want to relax, and that is fine. Those who work and work and work look forward to and anticipate the day where they can just forget about the stresses of the modern world and instead just laze the day away on a beach where no one knows your name.

You can find pristine beaches anywhere on earth, so much so that you are almost spoiled for choice. Taking in the fresh ocean air, being pampered with massages and foot scrubs and manicures will make you never want to leave. These relaxation excursions are perfect for you to recharge your batteries and return to the real world with the vigour and energy to tide you over till your next escape.


Whatever type of traveller you are, knowing your options for what to do next is something that will let you look forward to the future. There truly is something for everyone nowadays, so start planning now, and your chance to get away will roll around quicker than you might expect.


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  • Christine

    I couldn’t agree more! Our family loves to travel, and we try to at least get away for weekend adventures frequently. I think of it as Travel Therapy, and it costs so much less than the typical therapy and is way more fun! #Wanderingwednesday

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