Wine Tasting Parties- How To Be The Perfect Hostess

At-home parties remain popular in the new normal because they are safer than gathering at crowded venues. But you will probably want to do something different this year rather than host the good old barbecue nights and potluck meals. A wine tasting party sounds like a great idea, and you must absolutely organize one. However, you have to follow etiquette for these parties, and it can sound overwhelming. But you can be a great hostess with some knowledge and creativity. Let us list the basics of hosting a perfect wine tasting get-together.

Keep it cozy

The best piece of advice is to keep it cozy, with a limited number of guests. A dozen is an ideal number as fewer people are easy to manage. If you consider wine math, the number makes sense. A bottle of wine typically contains 24 ounces, making it easy to serve even as a first-timer. Moreover, you can be a better hostess for a smaller group and keep them entertained throughout the evening. Keep the magic number in mind as you prepare your guest list.

Pick a theme

A wine tasting party is all about picking the right theme. You have a wide range of options to explore, so choosing a theme will make things simpler. A country theme is a great idea as it lets you focus on wines and cheese from a specific country like Italy or France. You can opt for a potluck theme to cut down the costs as your guests contribute by bringing food and drinks. Make sure you follow the theme with decor, dressing, music, and menu.

Join a wine club

If you are serious about throwing wine parties often, learning the language and skills is vital. Fortunately, getting your education is easy as you can join a monthly wine club to brush up on the basics and learn much more. You can create taste profiles and find the best matches for them. It will give you a better understanding of different types of wines, and you can become the best hostess as you learn the ropes. It will be a lot easier to pick the right options to impress your guests.

Or, for a cheaper option, you could check out your local supermarket wine deals and get yourself a bargain!

Know the serving rules

A perfect hostess also needs to learn the art of serving the drinks to ensure that the guests can relish their taste and aroma. You have to serve sparkling wines, whites, and reds at different temperatures. As a rule, you should refrigerate your reds thirty minutes before serving and take out the whites from the refrigerator thirty minutes before serving. It may sound confusing as a beginner, but you can perfect the skill with time.

Hold the snacks

A lavish menu makes you a good hostess, but you need to go the extra mile with wine parties. Make sure you pick snacks that pair well with wines instead of serving your specialties. Serving food along with the drinks can affect their taste. Timing is crucial, so make sure that you hold the snacks until they have the wine. Stick with alkaline foods and drinks to prevent acidity issues.

Becoming a perfect wine party hostess takes some education and time. You cannot imagine doing it overnight, but these tips can show you the way.


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