How to date when observing social distancing

Few of us want to give up on the idea of finding love and fun even during a global pandemic. We want our hearts to sing and to feel attractive. Sadly there is no rule book on how to date when observing social distancing. As in many areas of life, we are going through unprecedented times but we can still ramp up that loving feeling in lockdown.

Online dating

Some feel uncomfortable with the very idea of online dating via a dating site like the Guernsey dating site. However, we are in abnormal times and there is no doubt being in different places swapping messages on a dating website is a very safe way to date from a physical health perspective. Other advantages include that you can build up trust steadily without leaping into a relationship with someone that could prove dangerous. Check out the right dating site for your situation and just be honest about what you are looking for and what you have to offer too.

First date

If you are meeting someone for the first time you will be naturally nervous. These days you will have something to start talking about as everyone is talking about Coronavirus. It sounds daft but it is something that you will find it easy to strike up a conversation about. You can share how lockdown has gone for you and encourage your date to do the same. Once you are chatting things will start flowing naturally and you can have conversations about all manner of things sharing your interests, hobbies and life stories. Make sure to have a giggle too. This will show you have a good sense of humour and will make a fun girlfriend or boyfriend in the longer term.

What to do on a date in lockdown

There is no doubt we live in testing times and that applies on the dating front too. A lot of the options you would usually do on a date are not possible right now. You cannot go out to a wine bar or pub for a drink or two to relieve your nerves. It is not easy to wine and dine someone when the restaurants are shut. Chat with your potential date about what you could do together. That means you will be chatting and can get creative.  Remember very simple things like walking around a lake or park can be romantic with the right person.

Keeping the spark going

In lockdown it is more than possible that you will not be able to see each other as regularly as you might in normal times. One benefit of this strange period in our history is that we are becoming more comfortable with using video calls. Some dating sites and apps include the opportunity to have a video date. Or you can hop onto something like a Zoom call. There is nothing wrong with getting dressed up for a video date or of showing a part of your home that reflects who you are as a person such as your interior design style, your favourite books or music.

In conclusion, it is perfectly possible to date in socially-distanced times with a little goodwill, creativity and the use of the technologies we have available to us. It may even be easier as there will not be that immediate pressure to start a sexual relationship straightaway.

So get dating Guernsey and other areas of the UK too.







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