How To Design a Small Living Room, According to Experts

Not everyone is blessed with large bedrooms where a king-size bed would fit or a spacious garage where you can park more than one car. All houses are not created equal. That’s a hard truth that most homeowners have learned to accept.

It’s also not the end of the world for those who live in small houses or tiny apartments. That’s because, with the right mindset and some interior design hacks, you can make the most of your small space.

Take your family room for example. By using the right living room furniture and accessories, you can maximize it. Trust us, you can still make it look bigger and even more welcoming!

You know what, don’t trust us. Believe our designer friends at SLH Furniture. Below are some expert tips and secrets that they can give so you can design your small living room like a pro!

  1. Choose a sliding barn door over a swing door

There’s more to entrances than a swing door. Believe it or not, you have other options than this traditional and space-eating type of door.

If your goal is to separate your living room from any adjacent spaces and provide some privacy in the room, a sliding barn door can do the job.

It’s a better option than swing doors, especially if the space is small. Sliding barn doors eat up less space since they’re always parallel to the wall every time you open or close them.

  1. Stick with light fixtures to brighten up the room

If you have a tiny space, placing floor lamps on the corners is not the best way to go. If we were you, we’ll opt for light fixtures that can be mounted on walls and ceilings. This way, you can save some space for other living room essentials.

Also, make sure that you buy light fixtures that can be operated with smart bulbs. A smart lighting system allows you to place your light fixtures in higher places and still control the lights, hues, and vibrance without leaving the comfort of your cozy chair.

  1. Replace your sofa with club chairs

We hate to say this, but you should probably let go of your soft and comfy sofa to save some space. Don’t worry, it’s for the better!

The problem with a sofa is that its length and size is fixed so you have no choice but to fit them right on one side of your room. You can’t move them around that easily.

Good thing you can always opt for its great alternatives: armchairs or club chairs. Normally, two club chairs are enough. But depending on the size of your room, you can go for one or two more.

Aside from the style and functionality, club chairs provide you with the flexibility that you need to work around a small space. You can arrange them in a way that your space will look much bigger like placing them at an angle, separating the chairs to give more room, or using just one club chair, instead of two.

  1. Trick your eyes with mirrors

This probably is not a surprise to most of you. This is an old trick that’s been used, since time immemorial, to make your room appear bigger. The bigger the mirror, the larger your space will look.

But of course, not all mirrors are created equal as well. You have a wide array of options to choose from. So before buying square, rectangular, round or oval mirrors, make sure that they will blend in nicely with the shape and theme of your living room.

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