Where has plastic pollution in the ocean happened?

We are probably all more aware than ever that we need to take care of our environment. Recent television programmes and charity campaigns have brought the issue of how we abuse our natural world to our attention. Most people claim to love the sea and yet humans are damaging it in a devastating way. Where has plastic pollution in the ocean happened?

Where has plastic pollution in the ocean happened?

It is shocking to discover that oceans around the globe are polluted by plastic. Even the seas near uninhabited islands are affected. There is, however, one place where you are most unlikely to see evidence of the reality of plastic pollution. When you watch a film whether an action film on the seas or an underwater fantasy, plastics are noticeably absent. So if we ask ourselves where has plastic pollution in the ocean happened, there is just one place it hasn’t.

Reimagining oceans

Oceans Plastic Free have launched a powerful campaign to show the adverse impact of plastic pollution, They have taken iconic film images and shown how very different they would look with plastic dumped in these cinematic oceans. Films covered include Jaws, Castaway and the Little Mermaid. As our family love Finding Nemo, it was distressing to see how plastic bags and other debris can choke and injure marine animals.

What can we do about plastic pollution in our seas?

We can feel downhearted when faced with the awful truth about plastic pollution in our oceans. Whilst understandable to feel that way, it won’t change anything. It is a better idea to talk to our family, friends and colleagues about these issues perhaps using the Reimagining Oceans campaign as a conversation starter. We can go a step further and lobby our politicians and policy-makers. We can use art to get our message across inspired by Benjamin Von Wong’s Mermaids Hate Plastic.

What are you doing about plastic pollution?


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