WUKA knickers for when you have your period

I imagine most women have knickers for when you have your period. They won’t be flimsy or of the super-sexy variety. Perhaps they are your worst pair of the big Bridget Jones variety. Let’s face it we don’t want our best pants getting ruined by any leaks of blood. Yes menstrual blood, not that blue stuff shown in adverts all too often.

Wuka Knickers For When You Have Your Period

I was sent a pair of WUKA pants to review. I am always keen to try new pants partly because ones that cover my mum tum are few and far between.

So what are the great things about these particular knickers.

1. They are attractive and of a reasonable size. I loved how they had the brand name on the waist bit so we could rock our period knickers as much as Calvin Kleins or the like. Why should that time of the month also mean we are in ugly knickers?

2. They are an alternative to disposable menstrual products. Did you know we use around 11,000 of those in our reproductive years? I am not the greatest environmentalist in the world but if we can do something to help, that has to be a good thing.

3. You could save money on tampons by using WUKA pants.

Guess what? I got totally the wrong end of the stick at first and thought you wore these knickers with your usual protection just as added back-up. It turns out these pants are really clever and absorb that blood stuff. You then wash and re-use them.

Knickers For When You Have Your Period

I was sent a pair of WUKA wear absorbent period pants – WUKA stands for Wake up, Kick Ass, Period. They were a generous size so comfortable and covered that mum tum.

I wore them during my period and felt fine – yes after 26 years of doing it differently, it was a bit of a leap but we should leap sometimes. To be honest, they are so comfy and the right size so I could happily wear them all year round as they just look like very good pants and don’t scream “I am on my period!”

I do need to test them properly without anything else now I have read more reviews and will do when the next period shows up which these days can be unpredictable as I hurtle towards the menopause. I feel better having read other reviews that say the pants are very absorbent. I might try them at night first just because I am that bit of a scaredy-cat but how wonderful to have a reassurance of no leaks at night too?

So if you care about the environment and want to save money and hassle, WUKA pants are well worth checking out.

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18 thoughts on “WUKA knickers for when you have your period”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I bought a menstrual cup last year, but then ended up pregnant before it arrived! I’m waiting patiently for my first postpartum period now that Pip is 4 months old, so I can try it. I’ve also been considering these types of panties. Ooh, and I tried some postpartum reusable menstrual pads. All about saving the environment, plus think of what’s in those disposable products!
    Katelynn, hampersandhiccups.com

  2. These seem like a great idea, but are they too good to be true?!! Would they be effective if your flow was extremely heavy? I’m not sure I would feel confident enough in just pants! #BloggerClubUK

  3. Oh my! I want to have these on board when that time of the month rolls around for my girls. What a great convenience. Great for the environment, and are they chemical free too? So many of these products are loaded with toxic nasties. Thank you! #fabfridaypost

  4. I don’t feel like I’ve had a period in years! Pregnancy and breastfeeding does that… thankfully. What a good idea to a problem of waste though. I’d consider these over a moon cup for sure! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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