4 Inspirational Acts of Kindness: How to Give Back to Others

Kindness can impact people’s lives in many ways. From the small acts of kindness that make someone’s entire day to whole communities rallying together to offer words of support, time, and money to help people overcome tragedy, these acts can make a massive difference in other peoples’ lives. Yet, kindness is one of the least used exchanges amongst people. Therefore, to help spread a little more love in the world, here are four inspirational acts of kindness that you can try that will allow you to give back to others.

  1. Monthly Donations

Choosing to help others above yourself can come in many forms, but there is one fantastic way to help ensure you are spreading kindness throughout the year and giving back to those most in need. You can donate monthly to the Red Cross, who offers charity support to those involved in devastating emergencies, no matter how big or small they are. Your money will be put to work straight away, from providing hot meals to families in emergency shelters to funding essential life-saving training.

Although kindness doesn’t have to cost you anything, funds are often needed to ensure that essential work is completed to help people overcome devastating tragedies. There are charities worldwide that need the help of others to provide aid to those less fortunate.

  1. Reach out to those that live alone

Many acts of kindness require nothing but your time. Currently, around 27 million people in America live alone. While having time for yourself is a good thing, loneliness is becoming a huge issue, especially when you consider the health risks associated with it. Therefore, if you know a neighbor or a friend that lives alone, why not consider spending some of your free time with them? Pop in for a cup of tea and a friendly chat regularly to ensure that they have social interaction. Alternatively, invite them into your home for a home-cooked meal.

Remember, you don’t always have to do this in person. If you are unable to get across to someone’s house or vice versa, be sure to ring them for a catch-up. It will take minutes out of your day but make a huge difference to someone who might not have had any social interaction for a few days, weeks, or longer.

  1. Make heartfelt offers

Time is a precious thing to many people, and it can seem like there is never enough of it. However, if you find that you have an abundance of it, why not start offering your time to other people? From offering to babysit your friends’ children to purchasing your elderly neighbor’s grocery shopping, if you have the time, then make these offers to those around you. Even if the offer is to listen to someone, you are making a difference and spreading kindness.

  1. Sometimes it is the small things

Not all acts of kindness need to be life-changing; the small acts are just as important, and, in fact, they can often be the best way to spread kindness. For example, if you hold the door open for someone or give up your seat on the bus, you could be inspiring that person to do the same for another.

There are many small acts that you can try, including offering a compliment and sending a letter or card to say thank you.



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