What are the Benefits of School Trips?

School trips are an essential part of your child’s learning. They not only help to develop a passion for learning, but they also give your child the opportunity to explore and extend their understanding of what is being taught in the classroom using different environments. This helps bring leaning to life and demonstrates that learning can happen anywhere.

Prospect House School believe that ‘fresh air and new experiences are vital for children to soar to greater heights’.  They encourage children to gain independence, develop their team skills and take risks by taking them on various school trips that complement the curriculum.

Although it is possible to learn basic concepts in a classroom environment, school trips give students the opportunity to understand and learn in ‘real-world’ settings. For example, it is one thing to read about life in the rainforest, but to visit a living rainforest, even inside a greenhouse, is quite a different learning experience. They can feel the humidity and learn about various species of plants by walking through them.

For older students there are often opportunities to experience residential trips, which help support children’s personal development and enhance a number of academic skills. For example, year 6 pupils at Prospect House enjoy six days in northern France at a château. This allows the children to fully immerse in the French language and culture.

For some children being away from home, even for a short period of time can be a challenge; however being away with classmates can help to make the experience feel a lot more comfortable and exciting.

So as you can see there are many benefits associated with school trips. They not only provide fun learning opportunities, but they can also help to develop a child’s personal skills and should be valued as an important part of school life.

The Benefits Of School Trips

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  • endardoo

    Absolutely … they are brilliant for learning, but also for consolidating relationships with their fellow students. Our kids have always loved them. #GlobalBlogging

  • loopyloulaura

    I think school trips are an essential part of education, providing opportunities to explore different areas of the curriculum as well as strengthen social skills. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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