Where is the best place to catch carp?

Carp fishing is a wonderful pastime with lots of enthusiasts across the globe. You can fish alone or join a community to make friends with people who share your passion for carp. There is a lot to learn which makes it a very interesting hobby. One question that comes up time and time again is where is the best place to catch carp? I thought I would share some of my knowledge to inspire you to get to your carp fishing tackle today.


You’ve got to get excited at the name of my first recommended location for carp fishing. Heaven Lake sounds divine. You will find it in the North-East of Hungary and it is 10 kilometres away from Nyíregyháza. The beautiful scenery at this lake is amazing and you have an area of 59 acres to explore. The 40 year old lake has earned an excellent reputation for carp fishing with the record catch to date being a whopping 64 pounds. There are 25 000 carp to try to catch so there is certainly plenty to go around. If you really want to treat yourself you can book a lakeside cabin to make the most of the stunning location. Guides can be booked online for the season which runs from April until the end of October.

You really are spoiled for choice when it comes to carp fishing in Hungary. You could try Island Lake. This might suit the solo fisherman or woman who likes their privacy. Once again, you have cabins available to stay in. Will you catch a 25 pounder or a huge specimen of up to 60 pounds.


I have not visited Spain for decades. I could put that right if going carp fishing. The River Ebro is in North-East Spain only a few hours from the amazing city of Barcelona. The river continues for 580 miles with so much fine food, drink and culture along the route. You could stay in the town of Caspe in the province of Zaragoza. There is no sight quite like seeing hundreds of carp all at once. The best time to go is between May and September although you can fish all year round.


The USA is a huge place you have loads of choice when it comes to places to go carp fishing. Check out the lakes, reservoirs and rivers in the state you find yourself visiting. Carp were not very well thought of for some time in the United States of America but that is changed in more modern days. You can fish all year around but early Spring and Autumn are particularly popular months.


Unlike the USA, you will find that carp is very popular and in fact revered in Japan. It is very easy to find great locations for carp fishing in Japan including rivers such as Arakawa, Yodogawa and Tamagawa. If you prefer lakes try Shojiko. Biwako or Kawaguchiko.

Where is the best place in the world to catch carp?

As you can see you can choose from some exciting locations for carp fishing. You can harness that love of fishing to travel the world. By doing so you will not only enjoy a magnificent pastime but make friends globally too.







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