There are several theories floating around about naturally thin people and their body. Some attribute it to their genes and a strong metabolism, which does play a significant role in the process.


It is important to remember that skinny does not necessarily equate to being fit. Being underweight is also considered a sign of being unhealthy, with eating disorders on the rise, especially amongst men.

A good way to determine how healthy you are is by taking a look at your body mass index. Body mass index (BMI) is a unit that measures body mass depending on the weight and height of an individual.

This can be calculated for individuals falling in the age group of 18-65 years and it is different for men and women.

A person’s BMI is categorised in three ways; over-weight, under-weight and normal.

A BMI score between 20-25 is considered as healthy, below 20 is underweight and a BMI above 20 is considered to be overweight.

If your BMI deems you as underweight, it’s important that you gain some weight, but by taking a healthy approach.

Here we have listed some healthy ways by which you can gain some weight:

Start A Food Diary

Keep a proper track of what you eat and when, for a period of 14 days. By tracking your eating habits, it becomes possible for you to analyse your calorie consumption.

Based on this analysis, you can prepare a diet chart, which will help you devise a diet rich in the correct amounts of protein and fat.

Increase Calorie Consumption:

Initially, you can start consuming an additional 200 calories per day and you can adjust the intake based on how your body reacts to it. For instance, some individual bodies cannot sustain so many calories in a day. In such cases, you have to gradually increase your calorie consumption. You’re essentially retraining your body to eat how it should be.

You can also calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which helps you to calculate how many calories your body can actually take on a particular day. This can further help you to monitor and regulate your food intake.

Quality Matters!

There are people who believe that it is not what you eat that matters, but the number of times you eat that is important. This age-old myth doesn’t quite deserve the merit its garnered over the years.

Lets say that your diet plan consists of burgers, chips, fries or pizza’s all day long… One thing that can be guaranteed is that it’s going to do more harm than good in your pursuit of gaining weight healthily.

A right combination of whole-wheat, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and nuts are all you need for a healthy diet.

Do Not Ignore Quality:

Quality and quantity are both equally important when setting a diet plan. Eating healthily but at irregular intervals will not be effective. Consuming healthy food every two hours can help you gain weight naturally.

If you intend to gain weight, skipping a meal is going to do you no favours. Initially, you may feel full by eating at regular intervals but gradually your body becomes immune to your new eating habit.

In order to make the process easier for your stomach, spread calorie consumption throughout the day via different meals.

Pick Smart Snacks

It is wise to opt for smart snacks so that you do not feel stuffed or bloated the entire day. Choose snacks that are easily digestible. Heavy snacks can lead to you missing out on an important lunch or dinner, which as we’ve already pointed out, is an absolute no-no.

Nuts, dried fruits, yogurt, cheese and granola bars are all examples of healthy snacks that you can include in your diet. Being prepared and taking snacks with you to work will ensure you aren’t tempted to eat the wrong things when you are hungry.


One of the best ways to gain healthy weight is by hitting the gym. Regular exercise can help you build muscle and it will also help you feel better generally. You’ll have bundles of energy and feel less lethargic.

This indirectly increases your consumption potential. To ensure that you follow a proper routine, you can hire a personal trainer who can guide you along your journey to make sure you are doing everything you can to get the new body you desire.

This way you can gain weight at a comparatively better rate and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Drink! Drink! And Then Drink Some More!

Look to include healthy juices, smoothies and shakes into your daily diet. It is better to consume as much fluid as possible.

Drink fluids between every meal to ensure that there is a constant flow of calories. This way, you can steer clear of unhealthy and addictive beverages.

Eat Before You Sleep – Yes, Really!

We have all been victim to an occasional midnight craving. This is especially true if you have had a light dinner.

To avoid this, simply aim to eat before you sleep. Munching on some nutrient rich food before you sleep can help prevent those midnight cravings.

Lastly, it is important to eat healthy and at the right time in order to be able to gain weight consistently. A healthy lifestyle boosts your mood and makes it easier for you to maintain body weight moving forward.

Health Tips To Go From Skinny To Fit



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Losing weight is an ongoing battle which can be extremely challenging for a lot of people. Of course, everyone’s body is different and what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to be the best weight-loss solution for another. If you have been trying and trying to shed the pounds for some time now but find that you are not getting anywhere, it could be that you are committing one or more of the common mistakes that we are about to discuss in this article.

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Mistake One: Only Focusing on the Scale Weight

Despite sticking closely to your carefully planned regime or alternative diet, you may still find yourself in a position of not losing weight as fast as you would like. But if you are only measuring your success or failure by the scale weight, you are likely not to be getting the full picture. Your weight is affected on an ongoing basis by factors like fluid fluctuations and how much food you are retaining in your system, meaning that your scale weight can do up or down by as much as 4 lbs over the course of a day. Hormonal changes in women can also lead to greater fluid retention. And if you have been working out regularly, you are likely to find yourself gaining muscle and losing fat. Try some alternative methods of monitoring your progress such as using a tape measure around your waist or taking regular pictures of yourself which will show you if you are losing weight despite the scale number not really changing.

Mistake Two: Only Eating Low-Fat or ‘Diet’ Foods

When you are trying to lose weight, you obviously need to monitor what you eat closely. However, if you are only eating food that is labelled low-fat or diet, they may not be helping you out in the way that you would think. A big proportion of these products contain high amounts of sugar to improve their taste. And rather than keeping you full, they are likely to make you even hungrier, meaning that you end up eating more. You are generally better off switching from ‘diet’ food to products which are both nutritious and minimally processed.

Mistake Three: Not Eating Enough Protein and Fibre

Weight Loss

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There are certain food groups which are more beneficial than others when you are trying to lose weight. Let’s start off with protein. Some of the main advantages include reducing your appetite, increasing your metabolic rate and protecting muscle mass during weight loss. If you are not getting enough fibre in your diet, this can also cause an issue when it comes to shedding pounds. A high-fibre diet can help to reduce your appetite by filling you up so you eat less. Not only this, it may also help in ensuring that you absorb fewer calories from other food.

Mistake Four: Having Unrealistic Expectations

Of course, it is great to have goals that you are striving to achieve, but it can have an adverse impact on your weight-loss efforts if you have unrealistic expectations. The road to weight loss can be a long and difficult one for many people, so you need to be prepared for bumps along the way. If you find that your goals are unattainable, reset your expectations and celebrate your smaller achievements.

Mistake Five: Not Reading Labels

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If you are not in the habit of reading labels whenever you go to the supermarket, now is the time to start. Otherwise, you are likely to find yourself consuming unwanted calories and unhealthy ingredients. Don’t be fooled by the healthy marketing language that they use on the front; it is the actual contents that you need to be checking. Of course, the first thing that you need to do is learn to read labels in a way that you easily pick out the most pertinent information.

Mistake Six: Getting the Wrong Amount of Exercise

Weight loss tends to involve a reduction in your muscle mass at the same time. Exercising helps to minimise the lean mass that you are losing, increases fat loss and prevents your metabolism from slowing down. However, exercising too much can also end up being problematic. Trying to force your body into burning more calories is neither an effective nor a healthy way of losing weight. You could even end up piling stress on your body, which in turn impairs the production of adrenal hormones.

So, if you recognise that you are committing any of these six common mistakes, now is the time to reassess you weight-loss techniques. 

6 Common Weight-Loss Mistakes   

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Have you got an addiction that’s causing you harm? This could include anything from alcohol to gambling to overeating to video games. Realising that you’ve got an addiction is the first healthy step to overcoming it. Here’s how you can go about successfully breaking your addiction, allowing you to live a healthier lifestyle.


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Surround yourself with people that support you

The first stage to overcoming an addiction is to surround yourself with people that are also committed to helping you change. Friends that share your addiction may try to sway you to break it, telling you that you’re being boring or that you’re making a big deal out of nothing. You don’t want to be surrounding yourself with these people when trying to break your addiction. Your true friends will support you whatever your choice may be – these are the people you want to have around you as they will spur you on to succeed.

Take up a healthy addiction in its place

An addiction can take up so much of your life and can cause a sense of emptiness when it’s gone. The key to filling this emptiness could be to take up a healthier habit in it’s place. For example, you could start chewing gum instead of smoking. Ideally you want to find a habit that gives you a similar sense of comfort. If you’re addicted to video games and miss the competitive drive of beating your score, consider getting into exercise and using a fitness app to beat your own physical scores such as running longer distances or using the exercise bike for longer periods each time.

Remove temptations

Sometimes the best way to overcome an addiction is to place yourself somewhere in which you can’t get to your source of addiction. If you’re an alcoholic, this could include getting rid of all alcohol from your home and meeting friends in coffee bars rather than pubs. If you’re addicted to social media, you could consider deleting apps from your phone or even disabling your wi-fi for a few hours every evening. If you find that you still go out of your way to seek these temptations, you may be better off booking yourself into a rehab clinic. This will force you to go cold turkey and give your body and mind the time it needs to fight the addiction.

Consider counselling

If you feel like you’re facing your addiction alone and no-one can relate, it could be worth seeking counselling. Even having someone to vent your problems to could be beneficial. There may even be specialist counsellors that deal with your particular addiction or group therapy sessions and support networks.

Record your progress

Seeing how far you’ve come can often motivate you to keep going. Recording the amount of days you’ve gone without a relapse could help you to stay on course. You could even create a blog or tick off days on a calendar.

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