Ok, so the summer holidays are pretty much here, and it feels like you suddenly have a million and one things to do on top of everything else! Planning days out, making sure everyone has sunscreen on, a summer hat, keeping everyone hydrated, making a picnic, finding the buckets and spades, driving in a hot, stressful car – the list is endless! So when you’ve finally got the kids to bed and you might be able to hear yourself think again, it’s natural to feel a little deflated and worn out…

But what can you do to make yourself feel well, more like you again? Here you’ll find 4 ways to feel like a goddess again this summer.

Head to the dentist

I’m being serious! Not only does having regular check-ups mean that you’re less likely to get gum disease or have bad breath; visiting your dentist is a sure fire way to improve the look of your teeth, whether that’s with a thorough descale and polish or with something like tooth whitening. Either way, if you’re smile looks good, then you’ll want to show it more! And if you can’t help but smile, you’re sure to feel great too.


When was the last time you invested in a good bra? Sure you can pick up three bras for under £10 at low priced clothing stores, but you know they don’t wash well and they lose their support after a few spins in the washing machine! Most women are wearing the wrong sized bra, so why not go get yourself properly measured? Many women are nervous when it comes to spending money on lingerie, but it doesn’t have to be for anyone else but you!

The same goes for underwear! I’m not telling you to bin your favourite, comfy pair of undies, just treat yourself to a new set; it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable either! Bikini bottoms, boy shorts or even a new pack of basic briefs can make you feel a million dollars.


Step away from the ready meals and the fast food delivery app! Most of us struggle to find the time to cook from scratch – especially if the kids are hungry and you have a million and one things to do while dinner is cooking. So, why not pick up a new recipe book, or search for something new online? Even get your partner involved if you want. Cooking together can be fun, exciting and really rewarding too. Who knew you were such a dab hand in the kitchen?

Sweat it out

The benefits of exercise are seemingly endless. Especially when it comes to our physical health. But did you know that working out is a great way to relieve stress, and just generally feel good? You don’t have to invest in an expensive gym membership, just follow a few gentle workouts on YouTube if you wish or go for a brisk walk with the dog around the neighbourhood. Breaking a sweat will make you feel good and give you a sense of accomplishment!


3 Little Buttons

Experiencing too much stress in your days will steal your joy and zap your energy. What you don’t want to do is ignore the fact that you’re feeling low and aren’t yourself lately.

It’s easy to keep moving forward and pushing your emotions to the side, but this will likely only make your situation worse in the long run. If you’re feeling stressed out then what you need are ways for how you can reduce your anxieties and get your health back on track. Regain your strength and find your happy place again when you proactively take measures to help reduce your constant worry.

Take A Break & Help Others

What you should do right away if you’re on edge is to take a break from your daily schedule and responsibilities. Consider asking for a mental health day off from work or help others by finding and participating in causes you care about. For example, learn more about a vape company that is helping vets in their spare time. Purchase a product yourself so you can unwind and relax by vaping and know you’re supporting a good cause simultaneously.

Put Self-Care at the Top of Your To-Do List

Look after yourself first and foremost when you’re feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. Self-care activities should be moved to the top of your to-do list, and you need to focus on you going forward. Remember to take time out of the day to focus on you. This is a wise idea to do each day even if you’re feeling good and aren’t anxious. Taking care of yourself will help to ensure your stress is always in check and that you’re feeling and looking your best going forward.

Practice Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation have been proven to help you clear your head of racing thoughts and reduce your stress. Take a class in your free time and notice what a difference these sorts of activities make in your life in the future. You’ll likely instantly feel rejuvenated and will walk away with tools for how you can keep your stress at bay in your daily life. The breathing techniques you’ll learn during both practices can be done no matter where you are too.

Journal Your Thoughts

Secure a journal and use this as a tool for how you can track what’s going on in your mind at all times. In addition, use it as a way to complete a daily gratitude list and review what you’re thankful for on a regular basis. Journaling is a healthy way to work through uncomfortable feelings and emotions and get to the bottom of what’s truly stressing you out. Make it a daily habit, and you should start to witness your anxieties begin to lessen as time passes.


Don’t panic or beat yourself up if you’re feeling stressed out once in a while. Use these tips to help you remain in control of your life and slowly get back to a better place.

What To Do When You're Feeling Stressed Out

Becoming a mum changes your life in amazing ways leading you to feel deep love and to learn about just how strong and capable you are. However, it is not unusual for mums to want to rediscover themselves away from the label of “Sarah’s mum” or other labels that we pick up along the way. Do you want to rediscover yourself and how can you do it?

Do it your way

There are so many websites and blogs that will tell you how to live your life. Everyone appears to have the answer but actually you need to remember that you know yourself best. Take 5 minutes even if it is on the loo and reflect on who you were before you became a mum. What do you want out of life? What are your interests?

Take baby steps to rediscover who you are

When I started to change I took really tiny steps and celebrated each one. Not that long ago I struggled to even leave the house and walk around the block. I forced myself to do that and praised myself when I did. Before I knew it I was getting a new job and flying to America. It seems to impossible sometimes but you can change your life one baby step at a time.

Use your support network

Do you have family and friends who could look after your children so you can carve out some me time? Often people do not offer to help but would be more than willing to do so if you summoned up the courage to ask them. When I was getting down, my brother hatched a plan with my dad to get me away for a weekend. It gave me that sense of freedom and gave me time to think and feel about something other than the children.

Look after your physical and mental health

Would you feel better if you shed some weight or perhaps put some on? Weight issues can get women very down in the dumps. I might not like that society makes us feel that way but it still is the case. I was interested to read the HYPOXI Knightsbridge blog which has some really helpful articles on weight loss and exercise.

How are you really feeling? We all have low days and it is normal to be sad when unhappy things come to our attention. However, if you cannot seem to shift a low mood and are not motivated at all, check your mental health. If you are not looking forward to anything and you are struggling to see a point in getting out of bed, you may be suffering from depression. There is no shame in that and your GP can help you via medication and/or talking therapies.

Invest in yourself

You are not going to feel great about yourself if you never spend money on yourself. I put money towards my children and husband which is of course fine but I took this to an extreme. Once I started treating myself initially in charity shops or by getting a haircut, I began to feel a sense of self again. This improved my confidence and great things followed. As I have said before baby steps can lead to momentous changes in time. I am now actively considering getting my teeth fixed. For you it might be a package with HPOXI machines to help you tone up. As I have said before you decide exactly how you invest in yourself.

By taking time to look after yourself, note that you are actually being selfless rather than selfish. You cannot keep giving out without getting exhausted or resentful. Neither of these emotional states leads to positive relationships with your partner and children. Take care of yourself and you will be much better at looking after other people too. If you nurture yourself, you are providing a brilliant role model for your children.

Do you have tips for how to rediscover yourself as a mum?

Top Tips To Rediscover  Yourself After Becoming A Mum




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Postnatal pelvic floor damage is an issue that affects many women and yet, is rarely discussed. The recent issues raised regarding vaginal mesh implants have led to changes in how women are given information about looking after their pelvic floor health. But there is a lot more to be done.


As soon as a woman confirms her pregnancy, there are many messages and medical professionals who become involved.

Pregnant women are given information on what to eat and what to avoid. Likewise, they are given information about the signs of pre-eclampsia and other medical issues.

They will receive information on breastfeeding and formula feeding and duly encouraged to opt for the feeding system that works for them and their baby.

What is rarely discussed in the pelvic floor muscle.

The pelvic floor, pregnancy and birth

The pelvic floor is a sling-like muscle that runs across the body from the base of the spine at the back to the pubic bone at the front.

It keeps your bladder, uterus and bowel in place, and is also the muscle that helps to control the release of urine.

It is affected by pregnancy hormones, which weaken it slightly. Labour also affects it, as does pushing to deliver your baby.

Some birthing techniques affect it too, such as forceps delivery. And it can also be damaged during a c-section birth or where the baby is big or delivered ‘awkwardly’.

What happens when it is damaged?

Some women suffer from urinary incontinence, the accidental leaking or urine. This could be when they feel the urge to urinate when they exercise, cough, laugh or sneeze.

It may not be life-changing but if this is happening to you, you may feel the need to keep incontinence pads with you to manage the problem.

For some women, the damage to the pelvic floor can extensive, leading to prolapse. This is where the muscle is damaged or not strong enough to keep the organs, such as bladder, where they should be.

A prolapsed bladder will fall into the vagina. Painful and difficult to manage, many women undergo surgery. In recent years, the preferred surgical solution was vaginal mesh inserts, although as we have seen, this didn’t work for everybody.

Prevention is better

The reality is, that for many women, issues with their pelvic floor muscle during and post-pregnancy could have been avoided.

It is no recognised that along with breastfeeding, pelvic floor health should be discussed in more detail during the birth planning process.

Here are six ways to look after your pelvic muscle, and possibly prevent damage during pregnancy, labour and after the birth too;

#1 Ask your midwife and health visitor for more information on how to strengthen your pelvic floor ready for labour and delivery

Midwives and health visitors are being trained to deliver better information and support for women struggling pelvic floor health. This includes exercises as well as managing incontinence after pregnancy with pads and diet.

#2 Hormones and the weight of the growing baby will have an effect on the pelvic muscle

This could lead to short-term urinary incontinence during pregnancy. As well as keeping incontinence pads with you, making sure you visit the bathroom in good time and stay hydrated too, minimising caffeinated drinks.

#3 Start pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy and continue after the birth as soon as you feel able to

They are simple clench and release exercises, repeated several times a day. They are free and don’t require specialist equipment, although there are some products you can buy to help you perform these exercises better.

#4 Stay active

Regular exercise – at least half an hour a day on most days – can be beneficial for both body and mind. Specific exercise such as pregnancy yoga is also beneficial to the pelvic floor.

#5 Eat a balanced diet

This helps you to avoid constipation which places an extra strain on the pelvic floor muscle and your bladder. Staying hydrated is important too, but sip water through the day rather than gulp it larger drinks.

#6 Ask for help

If the problem continues or it gets worse, or you experience pain, then seek help. Incontinence can be a sign of a urinary tract infection (UTI), especially if it is painful when you urinate.


There are treatments available for urinary incontinence. It is not something that you have to ‘put up with’, and neither is it something that comes with being a mum.


HARTMANN Direct is a leading online retailer of high-quality incontinence products suitable for use during and after pregnancy.

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Cosmetic dentistry is not something I heard of as a child or teenager. My mum took me for regular check-ups with a great dentist. I loved to go and see Mr Shaw. I knew my mum had such faith in his expertise. His practice was based in Empire House and I remember going up the steps to his place and the magazines in the waiting room. He was always kind and I needed only a couple of fillings as a teenager and then some braces at one point. The best bit was that mum always bought me a present after a visit to the dentist.

Neglecting my teeth

To my shame, I let Mr Shaw and my parents down after going to university. I just did not make time for regular visits to the dentist and once you stop going it is so easy to forget about the whole dentist thing. Of course, time and age will catch up with you.

Post-natal depression

My teeth are awful. If I am honest, I hardly cleaned them at all when in the depths  of post-natal depression. Two teeth seem to be knocked back a little and they are not sparkling white. I do look after them these days but the damage is done.

Cosmetic dentistry

So for a long time, I have considered cosmetic dentistry and recently checked out Saving Faces as if anyone needs to save face it is me! It’s hard not to when the media is full of such white smiles and perfect teeth. Actually I don’t want a celebrity smile but I would like to see my own warm smile at its best again. This is one area where I might actually set money aside for myself at some point rather than for the family. I know that it would boost my confidence massively.

Taking the plunge

In fact, as I am planning a trip to Liverpool over the Summer, this may be the perfect time to not only have a fun weekend but perhaps to actually take the plunge and get my smile fixed. I did not really know what would be needed but apparently dental implants liverpool are just the ticket and a modern version of false teeth to replace my damaged ones.

Have you ever considered cosmetic dentistry? Perhaps you have had it done already and can leave me a supportive comment.


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