Raising chickens in your backyard; A few benefits to keep in mind

Backyard pets are becoming more and more popular these days but there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding them.

Recently chickens have been seen to be an excellent option to be raised as pets. The image that hens and roosters belong in poultry houses is being slowly taken away as people are now seeing all animals equally. We have misunderstood these avian lifeforms for a while and perhaps it is now time to clear up their name and see them for what they are- a perfect species to be raised in your backyard.

So let’s start by discussing a few benefits being offered by chickens.


It is a well-known fact that chickens give us eggs which make for an excellent meal for breakfasts. But have we considered that there is a considerable difference between the eggs that we get from the market and the ones that we will get from our backyard flock. The eggs that our backyard chicken will lay will be much healthier and tastier. The yolk is yellower which denotes a high concentration of nutrients. In other words, you will simply stop buying from the market once you start consuming eggs from your backyard coop.

Garden cleansing

If you have a garden you will see that it is extremely useful to keep chickens. Your garden is mostly full of insects and other pests which either destroy the garden or are simply not welcome inside your home. A chicken is a natural pest controller as it eats all bugs and insects in its sight. You might not have to spray any pesticide once you let the chickens roam free in your garden. You will obviously have to be careful as they also eat beans and other vegetables that you would be growing in your garden.

Leftover food disposal

What do you do with the leftover food from your meal or with the food that according to you has gone stale?

Well, instead of tossing it in the bin you can simply feed it to the chickens in your backyard. You can mix the snacks for chickens with the leftovers. Even the one that has mold growing on it can be fed to the chickens.

Free Fertilizer

The nitrogen-rich poop of chickens makes for excellent fertilizer. If you let your chicken roam around your garden you can have some natural fertilization. You might not have to buy other chemically-enhanced fertilizers from the market that might poison the soil.

Simply put some protection for the chicken against cats and other predators and let them go around fertilizing your garden.

Natural morning clock

It is a good thing to wake up during the sunrise and probably the most natural alarm clock is the crow of a rooster. A rooster has light-sensitive glands that can pick up natural light much better than humans. With such a natural clock to wake you up daily, it can mean that you will have a fresh start to your day which will give a boost to your mental health and overall productivity.

Chickens and roosters have not really been seen as a very good option to keep in your backyard as pets. Slowly the world is changing and it is also slowly picking up on animal equality. This in turn has shed light upon the many advantages that will be offered to us by keeping chickens as pets.

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